Gta v online money and cheater pool

I just recieved 27million dollars on gta v online in the cheater pool. And i dont know how to get rid of them. I already have 3 billion I got from a guy and i wanna get rid of all the money. I've tried taking all the money out of the bank and deleting my character with the money but it didnt work the cash just went back in the bank and i still got them. Help please guys


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@IRISH-PAT Submit a ticket on top page right side. If you didn't glitch car sales or spend/share cheated $ for your own benefit they will help you

Where's the ticket ment to be at. Is it in the map


Hey, R*, my cheaters pool timer is going up! Please help it was 5 days now it's 12 days wtf r* ! Fix it


See how Rstar hasn't even replied to any 1 in this forum, because they don't care. I've seen so many complaints it's ridiculous. Why can't Rstar give us a way of dumping the money out of are accounts if we don't want it? If there threatening to ban people who have done nothing wrong surely they should add some thing for the innocent party's to ensure fair and honest gamers are not suffering?


Every just make a new account (Gamertag and PSN) . R* clearly are ignoring because they don't even now how to fix their own games problems.


Me too, I have 500.000.00$ and cant get rid of them. If my money dont be 0, I stop playing GTA ONLİNE.


okay, one more ----- illiterate person on here and i might explode. has nobody read rockstar's response to this?!? yes, some people were banned by mistake, but no, if you recieved the money you have nothing to worry about anymore unless you are already in the cheaters pool. god damn, i have seen them respond 3 times with this answer, and people just get on and ----- without actually looking for their response. learn to read people.


would make more sense for rockstar to not ban people. instead remove all the cheaters funds,property and characters. make them start over. This also should not be done until rockstar fixes THEIR mistake. lets face it whos fault is it that the game has exploits.


Wow I feel bad 4 all of u guys but I have friends on xbox XxR3DV3N0MxX D4RkKSTR4 who have billions and still hung modded lobby's plz take their money don't ban or me if I get pulled into this


I just recieven 4 bilion and i have rid of 1,5 bil and now the rest how shud i do this guys Please help me out !


What I did was I used the money and enjoyed I went and bought everything I could and just rockstar is one easy game to hack for hackers. I am not a hacker myself. Let's look at GTA 4 for example, I would join an online game and there would be a damn tiger, invisible cars, one time I was dressed up like a hippo and was locked inside a jail cell. What I'm saying is that rockstar will just have to deal with it.


I found a solution to get rid of the Money easily guys: Just write in your support ticket your going to spend all the money that you received on Ammo then dump it:

First take a picture of the bounty you accidentally got that Bill or hundreds of Mills you got Then write what you are going to do and it is simple: Make sure you are in a private lobby with no one else to join you and join only session is what you need.

Tell them your going to buy a crap ton of ammo for all your guns that you have access too, Spend the money and press Square to switch the buy mode to instantly select Refill ammo to max. Refilling the ammo you have easily can blow away nearly 20 Grand each weapon category. Take a picture with your cell phone what you spent and note it in the transaction log. Then go outside the ammo store, Hold L2 to bring up the weapon wheel, start spamming Drop ammo to drop all the ammo you just purchased, Keep doing this until all your ammo in each weapon category is empty.

Go back into Ammo store; max out ammo again; keep repeating this process until you lower your money amount and keep taking a snapshot of every transaction you do with the ammo purchase then take a pic of all the ammo dumps on the ground outside the store, continue to do this until you are back to the original amount as CLOSE as possible from what you remember. Make a note of that and Try to take a snapshot of how close you got it to the original amount before the hacker Dumped Billions on you (If you don't have a snapshot via camera or Cell cam to prove your original amount try to see if you can do the math on the amount that you acquired and then subtract that to get your original amount as close as possible.)

Once you have completed all the ammo dumping leave the current session and then the ammo you left in that closed invite only session will disappear: Problem solved.

Report to Rockstar you completed the ammo dump to rid of the money you didn't wish to receive in the first place. :) Rockstar can't get on your case because your helping them out by doing this and no money is being transferred over to other players to ruin their economy further.


If I receive a ban because R* can't tell I got my money dumped on me by some puke hacker, they can kiss any money I might have spent on future games, and DLC, GOODBYE. Lack of clarity and support for customers in this scenario is making us just give up. Epic fail doesn't touch it.


my timer started at 7 days finished up and now 15 days later i have 15 days left and the timer is still climbing


I don't think you are going to get banned for having that much money, since everyone has billions of dollars from the hackers. I have had billions for weeks from moders and still no bad :x


I did DNS and I want to get rid of ever thing money and character. I don't want to be banned.


I got unwanted money from a hacker and now everything is boring with all the money I have now and I loved making my own money before I received millions ...... that hacker ruined my fun !!!!!


My friends had this happen to them, they received a very large amount of money via hacked bounties. They got all of their money taken away and thrown into purgatory for 9 months. Now I can't play with them. They have already sold their copies. Good job Rockstar! Way to release a game. Maybe you should finish your game next time you want to release something. Ya dun goofed.


Dear Rockstar I have resently received 1.9billion dollars from some random guy online his Xbox GT was GTA BUGGATI can you please return my money to 45 million I got this amount because my friend suped up random cars and I sold them I'm not in the cheaters pool and I would like to keep it that way. Please take the extra money out of my bank I don't want it 1.9 billion is making the game easy. Thank you for taking the time to read this now have a nice day :)


someone should sue rockstar for this i earned my money legit. i had 22 million and then some guy just gave a couple billion androckstar took it all. all i have left is 500 and i can't repair my cars. it says in their code of conduct they can't do this. they can't take my money that i earned through bountys because they put bountys in th e game. i'm -----in pissed


I've kill someone with.a bounty.of 1million gta$ dollar and few hours later i suddently get 22billions gta gta$ so and now i only left 200k gta$ so how bout that? do i stiil be place on cheatets pool?


@Bokbokman Also my timer is going up all the time :/

same here if i can't get it fixed i will go back to gta 4 which is more fun to play


I got banned for a month started on January 16th and a month passed and they keep adding more and more days. It's ridiculous why ban someone who has no control of refusing hacked money? Why not just delete the amount that person got, and leave the money that person already had. Some idiot gave me money and I got automatically banned, for something I didn't do. Screw you rockstar for adding more days every time my bann is almost over. You have lost a customer!


Hey can someone get me millions?? I have a 50 dollar psn code unused for whoever can do this for me my psn/ps3 online name is plainberner I will greatly appreciate it