Rockstar: Modding and cheaters pool

This is really all rockstars fault. They should have created a game that was more secure than this. This mod has spread all over the place and we are being punished. The modders are punished for doing what they do because rockstar wasn't smart enough to prevent this and the normal players are being punished just for receiving billions of dollars. Good fail, Rockstar.
What are you going to do to fix this one? I shouldn't have to give all of the money back, you make it so hard to earn money and it all goes away for nothing. Just disappears a lot of the time. Also the game has had so many issues and I lose my ammo and other people get more XP on jobs even though I do most of the work and vise verse and you are punishing us when we do get money. Maybe if it wasn't so hard to get money in the first place and you can give us heists and other things. Now everyone waited so long and the online still isn't that good for how hyped up it was. Now the cheater lobby is broken and says 00 remaining but still in the lobby meanwhile there are invisible people running around. Good job guys.


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hey we should all show rockstar what is feels like to be -----ed why you ask????? cuz they had there turn and -----ed us over blaming us for what they screwed up on listen rockstar should be thank ful for this happening because not only do they learn something from this they'll actually try to fix something the never noticed hey rockstar if they can hack your servers and my account you'de better watch your warehouse payment page it's they're own mistakes rockstar must have made some very safisticated people mad



Not a lot, except maybe ban some people from xbl ;)


all i read was "I hacked $13.8 billion and it's all Rockstar's fault because they forced me to do it because i don't want to play the game, and now they are punishing me for hacking and it's not fair because i want to play the game."


How is it my fault if all the puppys I hit with an axe die? Thats God's fault for making them so piss weak. I would kill the dragons but he made them too hard and nerfed the payout. Im being punished because of Gods mediocre attempt at creating existence.


I don't ever blame the game makers for these issues. The fault lies on the people who can't just play the game the way it's meant to be played and be happy with it. Instead they hack and mod it and pretty much ruin it for everyone else :-(


@ausgates actually i didn't hack anything smartass.

----- rockstar i am definitely on the boycott train for this. it's not my fault i bought a half-assed game and got billions of dollars or did a few glitches. i paid for the game so i should be able to play it how i want to. if it's there its fair game. that's like leaving money in your car and not locking your car door. it's my fault i left it unlocked for anyone to come by and take.


R*, you have got this badly, badly wrong - and here's why:

Since day 1 (when people were finally able to play after a delayed release and online launch comparable with the Challenger) GTA Online has been riddled with bugs and multiple other problems which have ruined the experience. I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that a class action lawsuit has been filed against EA for Battlefield 4 today for similar issues, so you would do well to take this a little more seriously.

Those issues aside for a moment, let's focus on the broken economy. Naturally occurring glitches such as personal vehicles being duplicated at the start and end of each mission (and then subsequently sold for $100k+ a time) ruined the economy, just as the broken Personal Lap times meant that you could rank up by easily - and legitimately - rank up by driving in circles for a few hours. These are just two examples of issues you should have fixed pre-launch or patched immediately, but didn't.

Then came the modders. On a daily basis in free mode you would encounter random players handing out billions or setting billion dollar bounties. We are all aware that this makes a mockery of your Shark cards, but your course of action in response to the issue is extremely short sighted.

Here's is the important part that you are overlooking. Lots of people have said it before, and I'll say it again, as you don't seem to be listening. 99.9% of people in the cheaters lobby, myself included, did not ask for, want, or need the money. NOR COULD WE REFUSE IT. The game does not include a 'reject cash' option so how can you possibly punish us for something which was actually extremely annoying to us in the first place? It's almost as misguided as your $500k stimulus package, which was issued when we all already had unwanted billions and just wanted a game that worked instead.

Look, we understand and welcome that you want to regain control of the GTA economy (moral ambiguity aside), but your approach is destroying your fan base (remember those people that paid £40/$60+ for their copy of the game, that brought your company a billion dollars of sales within days? Yes, those.

Therefore, two points.

  1. Make it possible to refuse cash, or to donate unwanted cash to an amnesty. Add a fake charity to the in-game internet, e.g. like Kifflom in story mode. Problem solved. Now you can concentrate on the modders themselves rather than the countless innocent players that are in the cheaters lobby because (a) you failed to control the game environment, and (b) imposed blanket bans based on people that received modded cash without giving any thought as to how and why.

  2. Your cheaters lobby doesn't even work! FYI, most of the modders have already hacked their way out, and those left are forcibly giving billions to everyone else in there to deliberately keep them in there indefinitely. The modders are the problem. They were in GTA IV (and you did nothing about it) and are now, having clearly taken exception to your Shark cards. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT YOU MADE YOUR GAME SO EASY TO HACK.

A potential solution here, instead of blanket banning anyone with over X amount of cash, you could instantly ban anyone that has (a) set a bounty of more than $10k on anyone; (b) has a rank that does not correspond to game time played, e.g. the one level 1000 you see in just about every damn lobby. Just two ideas off the top of my head in two minutes. See, it's not that hard.

On that note, I play this game on a daily basis. I'm a global #1 rank on one of your online game modes and am known within the GTA IV / V Online community. It's people like me that you should be consulting with for help and ideas, yet you haven't even responded to my ticket (how are those reduced ticket volumes working out for you?) as I clearly know more about what is going on than your team. I'm willing to offer you any help I can to fix this, just drop me a line, but please note that my contribution would include a certain level of common sense that may be hard for you to get your heads around at first.

PS - My online ban was 9 months 28 days 48 hours ago, then fell to 31 days, then rose to 1 month 1 day, and then is back to 31 days. Can you even get that right?


Dear Rockstar:

I have played every GTA game you have ever made. As a matter of fact, it is the only game I played in the past 10 years with any regularity. With the addition of the online environment of GTA4, I spent 1-2 hours playing with my newfound friends online playing what I consider to be the best online game ever made (Cops and Crooks). So naturally, I and nearly all of my online friends were saddened by the glaring a sense of this gameplay. But we moved on, played Crooked Cop, raced, did death matches and had fun in free mode. It wasn't the same, but we adapted.

And then somehin crazy happened...Someone gave me $2billion dollars. I didn't ask for it. I didn't want it. It felt wrong. So I searched the Internet and this had happened to multiple players that sent your support crew tickets asking you to remove the money. Yet, you said that you couldn't do that and not to worry about. So I did just that and kept playing.

And then I got the email...I was a cheater and my sentence was 9 months and 28 days to play with other cheaters and never with my friends. If I were a hacker (which I don't have the least bit of interest in because I saw how it ruined GTA4), I would accept my fate. But I am not a hacker, modder, or cheat. But I am not...

After doing some research, I found out the actual hackers can just hack themselves out of the cheater's lobby, leaving all of these people who were unknowingly given large sums of money. So you, R*, are punishing your loyal patrons for receiving money we did not want not have an ability to refuse. Way to solve the problem R*.

I believe I may be retiring from my life of virtual crime. I am putting my collection on the shelf for good, unless you can fix YOUR game and not take such extreme punitive action on innocent gamers.

Pushing people to buy your Sharkcards the way you are may just alienate your dedicated fan base to such an extent your company may go belly up.

All empires must fall, and you were once Rome.



IMHO they left the GTA IV modders active, and continue to do so, so they can take ideas from them. The inventory consumables and gestures, the ability to change hats/glasses, call in air strikes, call Lester to remove a wanted level, send in Mercenaries: modders have been doing this in GTA IV for years.

It's pathetic and misdirected to do any more than remove the ill-gotten cash from the recipients because, as YOUSMELLOFPOOP said, they had no choice but to receive it. Less people would have been pushing free cash if the game economy had not been squeezed so hard by you guys: go read the modding forums, they rage about your the in-game radio micro-transaction jokes that are in a game which routinely nerfs pay-outs, changes charges and sells game money for real money. "Erm, we didn't know there was a proiblem with the Replay button but we're looking into it". Utter BS, you've turned it off for missions as evidenced by the fact it works after any other game mode. But hey, why not also nerf payouts too? Sold to the man in the R* shirt!

You continue to remove body armour from players on a routine basis, let's call it a tax for not remaining online. You charge people money for calling each other on their in-gam phones: fine, let me download Skype for my in-game phone so I don't have to pay another of your taxes. You should think about charging people to use their front-door, maybe hae their character lose their keys every once in a while and charge them $5,000 for a lock smith. Oh hey hey hey, how about cahrging to keep cloths clean, for looking out of their apartment windows or for BEING ALLOWED TO BREATHE? If I could only grind for cash I wouldn't even be writing this but the fact that you just happen to sell in-game currency makes every financial change that you make stink of greed.

As YOUSMELLOFPOOPalready said, you can sooooo easily spot who is and is not modding, but I think you're happy to leave them doing so in order to continue learning from them. What were you thinking in moving tunables.json online? Anyone with a basic knowledge of servers would know that you can just divert the file request internally. Did you even consult your own IT support team on that? For Max Payne 3, didn't one of your guys come out bragging about how you had hit detection versus damage taken monitoring to sport God mode players? These are the guys you need to be targetting first because these are the guys putting off new players. Or do you think that leaving Gods alone will encourage new players to buy more stuff to defend themselves?

You've still got the engine of a good game here but will lose your long-steanding supporters by continuing to treat them with such contempt. Or do you not give two sprunks about them any more beacuse you've sold so many copies and Christmas is coming up so they can all piss off back to GTAMOD IV and you can continue selling Shark cards to the 3-4 online players that somehow didn't get given an aeroplane full of cash thus far? I used to correspond with you guys about Cops n Crooks, you guys were really honest, open and approachable. WTF happened with this game: you've become the very thing that you parody.



hey rickshaw let me ask you something do you think that it is possible that you fix the clocks and time because you're timer keeps screwing me up i was supposed to be out of you cheaters pool two ----- days ago at 9pm i demand you to release me or or i'll take you to court for consumer mistreatment i am not joking i am copying you q and a's posts that shows you are not supporting any consumers at all i have had enough of your shallowness on you support forums and your lack of professionalism on behalf of all modders i must say you rockstar are the reason that we sit there and try to give the player's what they want but you care to much about your fraudulent currency you call a shark card ya i bought 1 then you took my cars deleted my characters 3 ----- times to the money i bought from yous then i had to get microsoft's advacy technicians on your asses because you pushed the blame on them telling me speak to microsoft to get your refund i guess you didn't like it smooch when i shoved the message that microsoft demanded you refund me huh this is what i had to go through ok point being modders are doing what you hate the most charity see that's all it comes down too. you have hate when others give alot and because you give so little put it this way what we did in san andreas brought you to where you are now and how dare you treat us like this oh and and one more thing my inbox has more thank yous than any of your greed ridden forum pages will ever have to all that received money merry christmas as to how rockstar is treating you please remember. the joy and how you started to wonder how to spend it then. you can remember that rockstar tore that moment of job apart and took the spirit of giving and yourself and your friends along with it all because the didn't make a buck go a head rockstar be a scrooge that's what your looking like.


@YOUSMELLOFPOOP R*, you have got this badly, badly wrong - and here's why:

This player has hit the nail on the head. Rockstar it is time you listened to those who play the game.... You have ruined a game which had such great potential. Sort it out!


@iEatFlesh666 ----- rockstar i am definitely on the boycott train for this. it's not my fault i bought a half-assed game and got billions of dollars or did a few glitches. i paid for the game so i should be able to play it how i want to. if it's there its fair game. that's like leaving money in your car and not locking your car door. it's my fault i left it unlocked for anyone to come by and take.

wow your logic makes no sense so it's okay to steal money out of someone's car if it's unlocked your apparently not that smart or are a horrible human any ways I have never used glitches because I like the challenge but am mad at how a modder screwed me over by giving me money i didn't want and now i have to worry about being placed in a cheater pool for something i had no control over laitly i have been just playing invite only sessions with friends so i don't have to worry about recieving any more money


@yousmellofpoop r*, you have got this badly, badly wrong - and here's why:

you and everyone complain too much about the game.
its grand theft auto for ffs, horribly protected against glitches and mods, even when they patch and fix ----- more new glitches and mods come out.
this game was almost meant to be modded and glitched, i actually think its more fun than if you everyone is to play normally and you join a lobby with some level 75 that has a tank, kills everyone in the lobby and no one could do anything because no one is wealthy or high enough level and would not like to do so because that would be throwing their lives away.
look at it this way, the people who can actually mod and aren't grabbing files offline deserve their bans and also deserve their money and levels, it also helps them learn more about computers. i for one am going to school for this and love how i can apply my knowledge to games, but if i would produce these glitches only for myself, i would be much happier.

i lost track with my structuring of what i was saying, sorry.


@harvey253 you and everyone complain too much about the game. <br>

But didn't he and everyone else pay for the game? What you say has some merit but they paid to play online with their friends in the way that the game was intended: when a pair of level 10s take a couple of tanks around and jump out, immortal, to try to melee you, that's kind of not what they wanted to buy.


~notice how no gta supporter or the guy brian who helps every one that works for gta never commented on this page. reason is they really dont give two ponys what we have to say cus they know no matter what who in the world is gonna stop playing gta v the game of the year. the game that was so hyped up it got you addicted most of all your friends have it so they know you will stay hooked on to it like a drug. gta put all of us in the trap. because you guys can say boycott all you want but at the end of the we either gonna buy a bull shark card so we can get a new car or something online. if you really want to boycott the game then throw it out because like i said we all will go back to it no matter what. think about it....