Stop banning glitchers.

OK.It's fine that you can ban hackers/modders. It's their fault. But stop banning glitchers. It's your fault and you better fix the glitches. Rockstar,if you see people glitching for money,fix it and stop banning them.


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Y'know what? I used hacks to gain myself some money, but yet I never had enough, cause the game is SOO expensive - when your wheels upgrade cost 15000 and cashes you get for a mission is only 4500. And now since the patch, I have a couple of my cars sold out and still I'm broke know the idiom.
Even though I had had a lot of money back in a day because of hacks, I still find glitches to get angry on. Like I can't take off my mask in any way. And when I say any way I mean it, I've tried.
I agree, cheats are bad for you. But glitches and exploits are the result of a lack of attention from dev's bug-squad, sorry R*, but face it.

My point of view is not to ban glitchers and hacks, but to isolate them like bad sports for some time. And when they're away, analyze their behavior and develop a cure/fix.
R*, since you added "Beach Bum" in a game without me even noticing, you can do the same for fluid bugfixing.
I have faith in you, guys! You made a game of games, after all.


danm straight i just dont like not having money for stuff i want make the jobs worth more money or leave the glitchers alone


@GimpUnit Re: OP Title

Why ban them all when you can see their stats reset and laugh at them? If you do ban them, you'll end up seeing a HUGE amount of players leave. What's the point of Online when there aren't any players to play with?


It is cheating. 1.5 mil gets you a tank to grief everyone with....

However, I don't think an outright ban is fair. They did buy the game after all. Let's not forget in the game you lie, cheat, steal, and murder. With a game like this...what do you expect? I think a MONEY/CAR reset is just. Not levels, unless they cheated to get those too. Food for thought.


i've glitched back all the money i've lost through the game deleting fully upgraded sultans and other cars disappearing at random. ----- off am i going to loose stuff and not be reimbursed.


people don't glitch money to be little basterds, they do it because rock* doesn't play fair with the payouts, and then they ban the glitchers or at least empty their bank accs full of billions of dollars because they would rather you pay the money packs than take the easy way out. they don't play fair with payouts, and they make the prices on things far too expensive and it's unfair. and it's even more unfair when they try to take that money away and leave you with nothing. it's stupid, it's ridiculous and if they changed the payouts and made them a little bit higher than what they are, and at least lower the prices on clothes, cars and firepower, then it wouldn't push people to glitch the ----- out of it. but to take away what we already have is so unfair, seeing how the gta online world is working out for everybody. and for those tattle tellers who keep telling on the glitchers, ----- stop because you're only making it worse for everyone else.


@Iradicus Glitchers are cheaters, to many times have i seen them. Once they get their cash they get bored since there is nothing elde to do. So they start to grief people and ruin their game as well.

Rockstar banning players is unlawful. Many players are being banned from a service they paid for; for reasons they have no control over.

If Rockstar refuses to unblock and return your character to you then write to them telling them of your legal position, in the UK it's the Sales of Good Act 1979. Be sure to look up their registered address.

If they do not heed your letter then make take them to court using


Rockstar FAILS AGAIN!! 1 minute fix to get yourself out of the cheats lobby
100% Working
STEP 1: Delete system cache files on your XBOX devices (Including cloud)
STEP 2: change DNS settings in your XBOX network settings to (1st dns :
2nd dns: )
STEP 3: Sign back into live and then play gta online (You will be back in the regular lobbies)
This will not cause any harm to your system and your character will not be lost

& F U ROCKSTAR AND THE FEW LITTLE TROLLS WITH THEIR TONGUES UP UR A HOLES IN THIS FORUM....Who also seem to think buying cash cards is not cheating.

Though, I found a better way to deal with Rockstar, $20 Trade card in card at Amazon. LOL
I'm done with your company that cleary destroyed GTA 5 so they could sell cash cards!!

Yes Rockstar, we will punish you at your next game release. Rockstar's CEA cleary ruined this game because he wants to force people into buying cash cards. We all know there no legit way to make any real money, unless you pay Rockstar to be a sanctioned cheater.


Grow balls and stand up to big companies for your rights!!

Merry Christmas All (Does your butt hurt now trolls?) LOL


glitchers,modders and hackers, rockstar isnt banning them fast enough. have been an honest player, yes its hard work getting what you want in your garage, apartment etc.yes we watch our money,because its hard to get missions,deathmatches, glitching is a massive problem.its the reason that rockstar are feeding us dribs and drabs of updates. they cannot release heists yet because of CHEATS. they have gophered this game up for every honest player out there...and there are so many people who are NOT going to buy NEXT GEN xbox,ps4, just to do the same levels. just look prettier.rockstar must be kidding them selves. a lot of families cannot afford new consules.and the fees i feel rockstar hasnt done enough quick enough to ban the cheats,could this be the undoing of gta 5? who knows?


i am okay with glitchers,i can see why they do it,the game is boring if you dont have money,i cant tell how many times me and a few friends couldnt do what we wanted chase each other in tanks,having fun with helicopters because everything is expensive as slug.if Rockstar would include lobbies just meant for fun like stunt servers for GTA San Andreas,then people would stop glitching.ive actually stopped playing the damn game and went back to the older games like San Andreas and games like Saints Row because they let you have fun instead of grinding for an hour to be able to afford a new paintjob and some new tires if you are lucky