Hi I've been playing GTA Online since it came out and so far i love everything you've done however there area a few things that i think you could be add to make it even better i will list these below:

  • Larger Garages or Garage upgrades: I love the cars in GTA but i don't have enough space to keep them all and end up having to part with cars to make space for new ones larger Garages would be a great addition.

  • House customisations: Of course something which could be added in a future DLC the ability to change things in your house would be a nice addition as having everyones place looking the same gets boring and the ability to add a personal touch would be very welcomed and appreciated.

  • Plastic Surgery: I was a bit baffled by the character creation menu and it took me a while before i felt like id figured out what it was all about and i was comfortable with my character. But a Plastic Surgery shop like the Tattoo Parlour or the Barbers where you can change your characters appearance from height to size to facial features it would be nice (for a price of course) but again this is something for a future DLC.

  • Insurance for Pedal Bikes: Many a time i have been cycling and someone would kill me or blow me up while I'm on my bicycle and thats it $10,000 adding the ability to have insurance for the pedal bikes would mean that actually using them wouldn't be so risky as even if they were lost or destroyed they could be retrieved.

  • Higher Bounties: Bounties are nice and all but sometimes driving halfway round the map only to get $3000-9000 isn't worth it however if sometime a bounty of $15000 and up would pop it would make it so much more worth it making Bounty hunting much more profitable.

  • Mercenary: Every player gets a contact called mercenary, when a player calls that contact they get a list of all the players int he lobby they can then select one of the players opening up a list of options such as protection service, retrieval, pick up etc... they then offer a certain amount for the job. The selected player then receives a text with the offer and job details and can accept or decline.

  • Neon Lights: The Ability to add neon lights to the skirts and wheels of the car with colours like red,green,blue and yellow etc...

What do you guys think!


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I can imagine some of these are already out there, but copying was not my intention if i have done so.