Snapmatic GTA V (still not working)

I already posted this question, but the problem is still unsolved.. anyone can help me out please?!

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When i make a picture and try to save it in GTA V i get this message:
"To upload snapmatic photos to a linked Social Club you must allow social network sharing from the privacy settings of your xbox360 console"
I made several pictures before and it worked fine until about 2 weeks ago, i been looking trough my privacy settings but couldn't find nothing i should change, what should i do?? Thanks in advance


Have you checked your settings on the social club webpage? You can re-authenticate your link to xbox live. Try that, it might work.
Demonseed1966 6 days ago

Ok thanks 4 the tip im gonna try it and let you know if it worked later today!
Corne_v_k 5 days ago


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basically R* don't care loads of people have posted this and there hasn't been anything done about it R* are too busy adding heists to online or porting gta v to next gen and pc