iFruit for Android is not compatible

Its not compatible with any of my devices, why?


Official answer


Here are the requirements for iFruit for Android:

As the article notes, if you believe your device meets all of the requirements, please Submit a Request and provide:

  1. The error message you see on Google Play
  2. Your country
  3. Your phone carrier (phone company)
  4. The exact device model found on your System Information screen (or under the battery on some devices). This should be a series of letters and/or numbers. For example, "SPH-L710"
  5. The brand name of the device. For example, "Samsung Galaxy S3."

Here's the link to submit a request:

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I'm playing GTA 3 on my Gt1000 Tablet, this Game is 3D and everything and its made by Rockstar.

And now the same Company tells me that a hilarious 2D Companion App doesn't Work on that Device.

This is absolutely ridicoulus.


Thanks RockStar waited an age for this to come out, now my devices not compatible.
So why does it say on the play store Android version 3.0 and up and now you say Version 4.0 and up.
I have an older Galaxy S2 but it runs Android 4.1.2 absolutely fine, but not iFruit!!!!!!!!


For people having issues with android compatibility, Download a android emulator called "Genymotion" After you completed the download, it have a list of downloadable environments to choose from. Choose anyone that has the API 16 in the title. iFruit app works on this platform for me.


My phone is on your supported list and it still says its not supported. Way to piss off a large chunk of your fan base. I bet you guys are Republicans


So finally able to register a plate on android, of course all the good ones I tried are already taken by iphone users. The app crashes alot and my phone spec far exceeds the requirements.


That is one big, power-hungry app.

Oh well. My Nexus One, which has served me quite well for years now, doesn't make the cut. Even if it was on the list there's no way in hell I'd be installing a 242mb app.

  1. Error message "this app works on your devices: ASUS Transformer Pad TF300: ok, HTC One Mini: not working"

  2. Switzerland

  3. Swisscom

4./5. HTC One Mini


To anyone whose device isn't supported, get the APK off a forum or something and manually install it. Rockstar has YET to update Vice City's support for the Galaxy Note 2, a phone that has been out for a solid year now, and yet here we are still unable to install it. That phone is a beast and can easily destroy GTA III and Max Payne, yet not Vice City.

They won't be updating the support for this app either, so just find a copy of the actual APK and manually install it that way. You'll be waiting years before they update their crap to support your phone.


Yah your app crashed my galaxy S4 thanks rockstar :) now I have to factory reset my phone and download all my backups


I am going to try and post this here but I put this together form my community that I am with to get to use this app

GTAV Vanity Plate [How To]

I have come across some people that do not have this or, are un able to get them. If you are reading this, then you have meet the first requirement, A PC.

To get your vanity plates, you will need to go into the custom shop in one of the mobile apps on the apple or android. The problem exists that, if your android phone is not 4.1.2 or newer, then it will not work, or if your phone doesn’t have the right hardware. There is a work around to this!

If you have a PC, then you can download an Android emulator called BlueStacks. This PC application will allow you to run an android device OS on your PC, and you can download and install the iFruit app in that program and get that vanity plate for ALL your cars.

Before you start downloading stuff. Please keep in mind a few things. The Bluestacks program is really cpu intensive. It is basically loading a computer in a computer. The other thing is the program will set it’s self up to load on start up. This can be remedied by going into MS Config to prevent that from happening.

First, You will need to go get the application. Get it here from their website.

Then you will need to install it. It can take awhile for that. You will also need a Google account or you can use your existing one.

When it is done, go to the play store and search “iFruit” and down load that.

When the app is finished, start it and it will download the files it needs to load.

Log in with your social club account. (Use your email address)

You will then be presented with the main screen of the iFruit. (It may take a minute). Click on “Los Santos Customs”. This may take a few minutes.

Go in the custom shop, click on plates and create your custom plate.

Then go to the garage. You will be presented with the 3 main characters from the story mode and the last one, will be your online guys car. The car that is displayed first is the car you have in slot 1 in your garage. If you scroll to the left, then the next car in your garage will be displayed. Pick your car (Really doesn’t matter which one) and go to customize button on the bottom screen or double click the car.

This will put you in the Customize screen where you can order parts for your car. You can always double check if you have the right car buy looking at the top under your name for the name of the car your on.

At this point you want to order something small in price. A Paint color or fitting that is under $1000. Once you have done this, then hit the order button and you should receive a pop up that says your order has been placed. If it fails, just try again. If you’re in game, then after a minute or so you will receive a notice that your order is ready at any custom shop. When you go there, and retrieve your order it will apply all your changes and the change to your plate.

After you have done this, an new option in the plate section of the custom shop in the game should now show up for private plate. You can take any car you own, and have the private plate applied for $600. Then you should be set.

I hope this helps everyone to get their custom plates


The list of compatible phones is way too short. Please optimize this app more so that you can broaden the amount of devices able to use it. My phone is .4 Ghz away from being able to run it. That's it.


The supported devices list is wrong, I downloaded the data folder and apk onto my Xperia S from another phone and it works fine.


I have an HTC one slim went onto Google Play downloaded an installed no problem, just need to work out what its for now lmao ;)


This is very disappointing! I waited patiently for the app to find out it is not compatible with my Android, you should not advertise an App for Android when it only works on a list of specific phones!


Was working just fine on my Motorola Razr Maxx, untill a few hours ago. Now all I get is a blank screen.


Nice to see that it is finally available. I can't use it though. When will you be releasing it for older versions of Android? I have 2.3.4


soooo i need to spend £200 on a phone that it might not work on atm ive got a galaxy ace 2 that IS running ice cream sandwich thats android 4 so why the feck is it not compatable with my phone.....


I look in google play and it doesnt even show up on the download list... The app isnt there when i search its name.


I'm going to download the app on my LG Optimus G smartphone. I'll check it out ASAP and post here after. I'm glad it's finally out though.


Error Message;
Error Message;
Orange Sony Ericsson LT26i
This item is not compatible with your device.

as shown on the googleplay website. the app does not show even show up when i search for it from my handset (Xperia S).

I concur with Aneoid; Just give us the facility from the website to be able to custom the Plates etc.

Shutting out larger percentage of the mobile market than you support is just appalling? and this is coming from some one who works in mobile phone technical support!


Lol, specs look like a laptop not a phone. all this power for just an app. My HTC Incredible S can run Minecraft and Terraria but not this. Kinda elitism


I really laugh and enjoy this rockstar,

Every couple of months Google now does an android poll to see what percent of the population has which phone versions

Lasttime I checked Froyo and gingerbread phone outweighed all others like 2/1, was something like 80% of the world has a Froyo or gingerbread based android

So rockstar decided to go with the newest one lol yous make me laugh

Like alot of other said u can usually get the API and just run it anyway but the fact that I have a tablet running ics with 1gb or ram and it still says incompatible is just awesome lollol