PLEASE HELP!! 'Failed to host a GTA Online session' I haven't been able to play GTA for a week now... R* this is so frustrating!

I keep on getting this error every time I try and go online on gta v:

"ALERT: Failed to host a GTA online session. please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later"

I only played online a few days then started getting this error about a week ago and I haven't been able to play since. But I'm connected to internet fine and my connection is fine, I can play FIFA online with no problems. Also I seem to be able to join a Solo session but it fails to join any jobs and I don't think it saves any progress..

I've looked all over your forum and I've tried everything. I tried resetting my router and setting up my connection DNS and IP manually but nothing works... I downloaded some port checker too and all the ports needed seem to be open. I tried deleting my gta game data and re-downloading it too.

This is frustrating, please advice me on how to fix this problem.


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I fixed mine by changing DNS settings on ps3 to Primary Secondary I hope it helps you it made failed to host go away for me.