Major money exploit? Players giving away Billions of GTA$?

I've heard from quite a lot of people on Reddit (which should be an official big group imo) that there are players going around dropping anywhere from several million to a billion GTA$! This may seem nice but it's drastically damaging the games economy, imagine if 500 million people in real life were given a billion? The economy would crumble.

I haven't been given this ridiculous amount of money myself yet, but I think all players with over 2 billion GTA$ should have their money reset to 500 million.

Or maybe I'm wrong, what do you guys think? How do we sort this problem out?


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Their is no in game economy.
Everything costs 1 price.
Their is no player to player trading.
Prices do not change.

How is there possible an economy.
People will spend money regardless. If they have 30k or 300k


Someone posted a link to the new glitch (which was stupid of him because it only spreads knowledge of the glitch). Personally I don't care what other people do. I get my money through missions (which is even harder to do now since pay was reduced by 50%).

What I don't get is why people keep complaining about the "games economy". There is no game economy. Any purchases made affects only the person making the purchases. There are no in game auction houses, no player shops or trading. The only thing people can really complain about is that people have something that they don't, and quite frankly, I say just stop caring about what other people have.

I mean seriously, grow a pair.


its not like the prices fluctuate depending on the amount of cash flowing in the market instead R* decides to lower the paychecks of those who earn their money legit and keep everything the same price, basically once you have around 20m you should be able to buy everything in the game so yeah basically anyone who has that amount dont think messes with the economy buy gives an unfair advantage


It's people who use hacks to do this, as far as i know its only happening on ps3 atm but im not sure about that.


First off no, second off how is that an "exploit" you need to learn your terminology. If people want to drop their shit it's not really anyone else's business unless they are dumb enough to be RWT