Gta 5 recall

Why isnt this game being recalled? Its insanely broken.. Nobody can play gtaO and it has been almost a month and players still need assistance which rockstar is clearly doing nothing about.

The back of the game says 1-16 players and thats totally BS. U cant connect 2 controllers and play with a friend u have to go online..
Even for call of duty it says 1-4 players u can actually use 4 controllers and play against 16 or more players..

How do we get this game recalled? It was promised with a lot to come out and it hasnt even released most of what it said.

1-16 players is wrong..
Robbing banks with friends is non existant
Players cant save games/lose progress
Cheaters pool doesnt work

Why isnt this game recalled? Like who knows when it will work again? Rockstar isnt giving any answers. The game needs to be recalled. How do we do this? More then half its customers r angry or dissatisfied.


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I can play GTA:O, obviously others can too - cause I've played with quite a lot of people.
You can play 1-16 players so that's not lying.

So, just return the game where you bought it and go play COD.


I have been playing since 1.october. Never had any problems.
Yeah, the online mode is from 1 to 16 players. Exactly how it says on the back of the box. So how's that bullshit? Where is the lie here?
R* have never advertised this game as a split-screen co-op.


I'm not sure if you're trolling or just very confused.

Look at the back of the box again.
On my Xbox cover it says: Xbox360: Players 1 (This is describing the Story mode which is single player only)
Right underneath that it says: Xbox LIVE: Online Multiplayer 2 - 16. Co-Op 2 - 16.

And that's EXACTLY how it is! There's no lie.
Online multiplayer supports up to 16 players. But you can play online alone by yourself if you wish, as there are many modes that doesn't require more players.
Nowhere on the box cover does it say that this game supports split-screen like you're talking about. And R* has never advertised it that way.


Forget the claims of false advertising, the game should be recalled simply because both the story mode and online mode are unplayable. Rockstar says to be patient. I had to game for 33 days now and I'm still experiencing all kinds of glitches to the point of getting so frustrated I don't even want to play the game anymore. Between save glitches and the story mode being stuck with no missions available, I am done with this game. I want a full refund now. Now I'm really looking forward to playing BF4 and COD. I never experienced glitches with them like I do with GTA. People at R* should be firing people right and left! This is completely unacceptable.


What was advertised is barely shown. Only gta story mode. Which was great, but it was advertised with gta online oct 1. And still doesnt work. And gta online doesnt even play as advertised


Rockstar sold over 12 million copies of this game. If everyone would do what I did yesterday we would get a favorable response from rockstar. Yesterday I contacted all retailers asking them to remove the product from the shelf and additionally remove all promotional material due to false advertising. I submitted a link to this forums as proof the game is a failure. The retailers were very accommodating to my request. However the power is in the numbers . We are the majority together we can make things happen. Please follow up. I contacted bestbuy, kmart, walmart, target, and gamestop.


No your only 1 player playing with 15 other players. The game is not actually for 1-16 controllers that can be connected to play.

And ya u can play but whats the point? Ur character might get lost, lose cars, money or rp points. Fuck. Who knows??

And the damn patch notes dont even work as they say. People r still having the same issues.

This game needs to be recalled and i dont know why it isnt. How do we get it recalled?


Exactly - I want my money back!!! Both the story mode and the online are messed up. Nothing works. People at Rockstar should be losing there jobs!!!! I lost millions because of there save issues and other problems and they talk about giving us $500 in game play money that never happens!! Gee thanks Rockstar!! I WANT A REFUND NOW!!!!

I'm having save issues with the online mode and the story mode after 2 weeks is still messed up. I have been receiving no useful help at all. Your support personnel close the ticket without fixing the problem. What kind of support is that!?!? This morning I was playing the online mode because the story mode is stuck (has been for over two weeks) and I experience all sorts of saving issues!! I spent 8 K on a SMG left the store and later went to us it and I wasn't available on my weapons wheel!! I had to go back to the store and spend another 8K. SO, Both the story mode and the online game are still messed up. Rockstart says to be patient until they work out the bugs, but this is getting to be ridiculous!! It has been 33 days now and the game is still unplayable. This is totally unacceptable. How can you sell a product that doesn't work?!?! I want a full refund. I'm done trying to play this game!!!! I have asked the support person that has been handing my ticket to put me in touch with their supervisor and nothing happens. As I said, this game has been unplayable for the last 33 days and I have been dealing with your support personal and I'm tired of the games you are playing with me. I spent $60 on a game that doesn't work the way it is supposed to and I want a refund!!!!! I'll be more than happy to send you your broken game, since it is totally unplayable!!!

Below is the last thing I wrote to your person in support that has be totally unhelpful -


I'm completely unsatisfied with the lack of help I'm getting from you regarding this matter. I have tried all of you trouble shooting suggestions. There is nothing wrong with my PS3. Search the internet and you can find hundreds of people experiencing the same exact same problem with the game as I'm experiencing. The problem is on your end, not ours. I feel you are completely not understanding what your customers are dealing with. Asking people that have over one hundred hours of their valuable time invested in the game to start over and hope it doesn't happen again is ludicrous. Your lack of understanding and compassion for your customers is pathetic! As I stated before (I'm feeling that you're not reading any of this!), I have been buying and playing video games for decades and I've never seen such problems playing the story mode of a game and then such poor technical support in my entire life!

I've been very patient for the last five days, but I’m really tiered of the way you are dealing with this situation. I'm asking to be put in contact with your supervisor or someone else in your support group that is at a higher level than you because I feel that you are completely wasting my time. I'm on the verge of contacting some brilliant attorneys that love media attention and class action suites. Please do the right thing!