Bug: Recieving Halved Payout on Missions

I currently have a bug.

Upon completing a mission, I receive payment - as usual - but it's half payment. Despite people telling me that it's part of the patch, I simply can't accept that Rockstar would do something so silly as to gimp the gameplay so significantly. As it stands now, many of the missions aren't worth the money when taking in consideration ammo, body armor, or weapon and weapon upgrade costs. Some of the missions (such as Simeon's) would require a dozen or more completions in order to get a SINGLE upgrade/mod.

I expect this matter to be handled professionally and promptly, or I'll be forced to make my voice known with my wallet.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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I sympathize that Rockstar wants to continue making money, but it should not be at the expensive of the game itself. This doesn't encourage me to try new missions - I've played all missions available at my level and I prefer some over others, regardless of payout.

But, like everyone, I do want to feel like I'm achieving something from it all (since there aren't actually 500 missions as promised).

You made record sales. You made an amazing amount of money in an incredibly short time.

But unless this is adjusted, I won't only avoid buying cash cards - I'll avoid buying any DLC or future Rockstar product.


I agree. The best resolution for this supreme grievance is to quickly unlock the heist missions and not to undercut us on the payments. I understand that you (R*) want us to purchase micro-transactions. However you may not know but you are royally upsetting the entire GTA fan base with this move. Speaking from a person who has played with many players the general consensus is that we were happy making our wages as they were and felt that the pay was well deserving for some difficult missions such as "Base Invaders" and various survivor missions. Now it feels as though we are not being compensated fairly for our work put in. To most of us it feels like you cut our pay without providing any extra incentive to keep playing them. Please release the heist missions as soon as possible or raise the mission payout back to original amounts and just add more content for us to buy. Things like actual houses, cars, real estate such as hotels, the golf course, and movie theaters, just don't dock our pay!

Thank you,

GTA fan since GTA was GTA


This was the dumbest thing Rockstar has done to the game. I can understand lowering the payouts of some of the higher paying missions like Base Invaders, Landing Gear etc. but most of Simeon's missions pay $500 now. What's the point in wasting 10 minutes doing one of his missions when you can go rob a store which is faster and pays triple.

There was no reason to cut every single mission payout by half. Actually let me correct myself, the only reason they have done this is so people buy cash cards. No Rockstar, I paid for the game and I'll buy the DLC but I'm not paying real money for virtual money. You made an incredible amount of money off of this game and you still want more. You should be patching things that actually matter, not cutting payments and making certain area's out of bounds on Survival.

It's good to know what you've all been doing over there at Rockstar. While people have been losing their characters, cars, garages, apartments, you've been coming up with a patch to halve the payouts. If I ever lose my stuff again, I will be taking the game back to the store and I'll never buy or play a Rockstar made game again. All you have to do is go on various fan forums and see that a lot of people feel the same way. You have your money now but if you keep this nonsense and stupidity up you won't sell big on the next game you release.

I had so much love for you as well after the single-player, it was so amazing but this experience is definitely ruining it for me. It's like you want the community to hate you. You patch up the exploits (which I have no problem with being a legit player) so the glitchers don't like you, you halve the payouts and now the legit players don't like you. Please just up the payouts of the lower paying missions. 12.5k is good enough for me when I do Base Invaders but seriously I'm pretty much giving back every mission except for about 5, when I used to just play whatever was given to me through the "quick job".

Rant over.


You set us up! It's all bollsheet, all of it!

Really, lower the payment and you're further punishing us casual players who didn't play 24/7 upon release while glitching and grinding ourselves to a level of 100+ and enough in-game cash to buy your IRL company thrice in a row. Steal from the poor and keep sucking the rich man's cock 'cause he outsmarted your glitchy and obviously experimental try at something resembling the most unstable MMORPG ever made. I guess you just took the record.

You want people to buy game cards (yeah, the 'secret's out...)? Fix the fucking game for a starter, and test your patches before you release 'em. Raise your pitiful $500 000 'Stimulus Package' to a couple of millions and make sure it's all saved to each and every online character created before your servers go down again. And again and again and again...

Oh, and if you're so hellbent on being slippery greeds - just give a call to Blizzard or Microsoft and they'll hand you some good tips about upfrontness and honesty when it comes to proffessional greed and fucking your always-paying customer in the ass. Only difference is, they provide (yeah, even Microsoft compared to you) and you don't - and the largest majority of GTA gamers don't PAY TO PAY TO PLAY just to have some simple fun online without having to buy (obviously uninsured) game cards or repeating the same tedious missions over and over again; the same missions you're now cutting reward money from no matter how hard or stupidly easy they are.

Well well, keep punishing legitimate and 'late to the party' players while releasing patches fucking up hours and hours of gaming progress.

For some reason I feel like the 'creative' team behind GTA: Online consist of recruited leftovers and corporate suits, far behind the geniuses who turned single player GTA V and its predecessors into the great games the are.


Half payments...Worst idea yet... Seeing as once I farmed for good cars and the tank and buzzard next day everything is gone. Strange as the next day this patch comes out so I have a naked garage. I rang up rockstar as well about loosing cars and my tank and buzzard. They said they cant give anything back and that the 500k stimulus package is all they can give me, I've never known a game to have such poor customer support every other game would of looked into the problem. If I lost items on any other mmo the customer support would of helped me out looking into my account and having an investigation (WoW would of instantly gave it me back as long as it all checked out).
They said wait for 1.04 and the garages will be fixed. Now I feel like saving money is going to take a lifetime. You said micro-transations will not be needed in game but it feels like you are slowly forcing us to have to buy them. I cant believe now the missions are giving such low pay and no replay missions now I'm Struggling with money constantly I feel as if I will never be able to get my toys back unless I buy your cards. also the price of sticky bombs has rose by another half! If i buy body armor in a mission or need to restock ammo i'm back to square one. Do any of you even play your game to see how we feel? Sure you might say you want us to work to get the big items. But making items impossible to get isn't the answer. We play This game to have fun, fun is money on this game. If we save for an item we cant have fun with our friends in between as we will loose so much money and be back to square one. I used to love playing with my friends one minute we was doing some missions and the next we would be having a massive hold off against the police or going on a rampage blowing stuff up. if i do that now i end up plummeting in my cash and it feels pointless to even do missions as every time i do missions i end up back where i was again. broke with no money for ammo or explosives.
You said to us that we help decide what happens with this game. All i see is a terrible mmo company just trying to take every penny off us. You really think 500k is going to get us to forgive you. I think everyone here too is shocked at how poorly you have fixed these bugs. Also how we never get updates or replies you have a twitter account and the works. But it gets one status every other day with a automated we are looking into this matter.
I'm disgusted also in your customer services after you didn't even look into my account. You just said sorry in a monotone voice over the phone and set my ticket to solved... We cant do anything about it. We all know you can do things about it, it's more of a money situation on your side.
I hope you don't win the awards


Buying stuff online is already x20 more expensive than SP. Now that the payouts are halved it's even worse. This effectively rendered 80% of the missions useless as you'll only get $1-2k from them. This is now even more incentive for people to farm the higher paying missions as those are the only ones with a decent payout anymore. Please fix this.


Yeah like a lot of you guys have been saying and I agree there is no reason to do these missions ever again after the first time, and its definitely not worth what the payment is now, the payouts are not worth it


im with you 100 percent. i didnt even read it, im going by the title.

why nerf the pay outs? im never going to buy the rockstar cash as i know simple, easy ways to make 1k every 20 seconds and i can just grind that if i actually need spending money. i have already EARNED what i want in the game, save for 2 cars and a personal chopper, and i wont be buying the cash cards if the only reason WHY im doing it is because you made it impossible to make money. fix what you have broken rockstar. jeez.


I second this. Literally making missions give payouts so low that they aren't worth even attempting doesn't work. And forcing gamers to deal with micro transactions as a superior way of making money instead of a reasonable alternative is insulting. I am not going to purchase any R* cash for this game, I'm going to encourage my friends, family, and the gaming community to do the same, and I will seriously reconsider purchasing any R* products in the future given this embarrassing and disastrous online launch. We expect better Rockstar, and frankly after all the money we gave you, we deserve better.


Don't think I will be getting this game when it comes on next gen consoles given the state of where we are at now. Thanks rockstar but not enough feedback from the community has been taken into consideration (as apposed to what your company said would happen). Corporate greed at its finest. Still so many bugs that destroy the gameplay but R*'s biggest concern is making sure they are financially covered. (more so than they are already pockets full of our money)

I am all for a challenge in a game but you cant keep bending over your customers trying to fuck them without giving a little something back.


I totally agree. Rockstar has efficiently shot all the newer players in the foot with the halving of mission rewards. Consider how many people whom have glitched their way to millions are still playing online versus the amount of players still finding their bearings. I have nothing against the glitchers, but I'd say the amount of players putting in honest work far outweighs the amount of people glitching. Making the honest players suffer losses after replaying missions is foolishness, and the players rolling in millions now have less than no point to playing the missions, which is an essential part of GTA, right next to driving, right next to shooting, but above all that is money. Cut the amount earned from missions away and you cut the incentive to do missions in the first place. It's simple logic.

In essence, it's more or less a reflection of the economy as it is nowadays: whereas middle class has efficiently been eliminated. Now we have a bunch of rich players who have little reason to play further and a bunch of poor players grinding even harder and longer because of a few glitchers. Bring back the balance.


I agree. I'm on a smart phone with a broken screen otherwise I'd be able to explain why, but in short I have supported the problems you are facing with online rockstar, always sticking up for you on forums and what not but with this recent cut in missions rewards it makes me not want to play. I understand you want longevity, as do I. I don't want gta online to not be challenging or fun anymore and I want it to last a good while, but giving us crappy payouts for missions is not the way to go. If you want people to stay, the majority of us what challenges but now to afford a simple mod we would need to do double the work. For me its hard with my real life to make time as it is.

If you want people to stay, this is where new content and challenges kick in, not making it feel like a grind to afford a new weapon mod or unlock.

Please change it back.


I don't get it. It's like politics here. You give us something of what we want and then take away 3 things. You gave us $500K for your PROGRAMMING ERROR or intentional unofficial BETA test and reduce the Hospital Bills to $500(good job) and got rid of the LSC glitch. Ok Good. But now, you take away the absolute reason we're playing this game...the money. I could care less if I get $150 for doing a Gerald mission, but you had best believe if I do "Steal A Titan" from Lester and I get anything less than $10K...I'm gonna be peeved. Can you honestly saying stealing a 747 from an airport and potential a 3* wanted level does not warrant a $10K reward, you're kidding yourself or you(R*) never played your own game. GTAO doesn't offer enough after its release to even continue you playing this game unless you're a true GTA Fan and that's exactly who you (R*) are screwing over. You sold more than 6 million copies of a $60 game...that's more money than anyone could've exploited in the game. Come on...balance this game and it may survive or people may go back to GTA IV or in my case Vice City...cause it was FUN!!!


I havent even felt the urge to play since I heard about it from multiple sources. I sure do hope the payments are restored for missions that actually deserve it.

Base Invaders for a lvl27 mission definitely worth 25k, theres a glitch in it where the AI in the hangar can shoot through the walls too.

Extradition if anything was too low to begin with (20k), considering you have to break into zancudo getting 4 stars in the process, shoot down a titan and then kill a DA, taking the files to Martin. If thats not atleast 23ks worth of work then i dont know what is.


I support this post 100%
As it stands now, halving mission payouts just feels like Rockstar trying to force microtransactions onto Us.

What's wrong with us getting rewarded for actually playing the game?
It almost feels like Rockstar wants us to glitch so we can actually earn some decent money.

I've been very disappointed by GTA Online so far, what could have been a great game only feels like a Pay-to-win Cash grab from Rockstar, this latest patch already ended my faith on this game and im sure i won't be playing it for long now unless this silly nerf is fixed.


So R* it's been a nice ride, but it has become clear you have hopelessly lost your way.
This latest patch has sealed the deal back to the shop it goes. Good luck fixing your fucked game.


I agree completely. I can not think of any other reason why R* felt the need to cut payouts by 50%. Cash cards can be the only explanation. Don't tell me I'm ruining your "in game economy" because I'm making too much money repeating jobs. Cash cards will do the exact same thing without allowing those players to rank up. Why on earth are you punishing your loyal customers who enjoy playing your game. There was nothing wrong with quick replaying missions but R* decided to remove that completely over 2 patches. Then 1.04 comes out and now you have halved all payouts. Now Lamar, Simeon and Gerald's jobs are useless. They didn't pay well before, and now there is absolutely no incentive to play them. We still can't select the jobs we want to from the online jobs menu. R* it sounds as if you are asking us hardcore gamers to simply stop playing. There is no new content but R* thinks it is important to cut the payouts by 50% for replaying the only missions they offer. It is not my fault I've played through your entire mission list. If I want to continue playing you should not penalize me. At least inform us of the 50% payout reduction. I've noticed over the last few patches R* has blatantly omitted this and other "fixes" (removing replay option, removed quick replay option) from the official patch details.


Please understand with this change, this is doing a considerable amount of brand damage to the folks that should matter to you, the folks that are playing the game legitimately. I've lost three characters (average level was in the 30's) and when everything seemed to be fine I went started my car collection, I got to 9 out of 10 of the cars that I wanted, spending 4 million worth on cars and upgrades the whole garage was deleted. My first reaction was that it was terrible, but at the same time, I knew I could at least grind my way back up using the missions. Now with this change, you are only giving ALL of your customers two choices, either race or exploit. I love racing, but I want to play GTA, not a racing game. Also, please reevaluate how you are training your customer service representatives, the one I spoke to was extremely unprofessional.


I now have no reason to help others that are having a hard time with some of the tougher missions. I would jump into missions with people I didn't know because I knew it was a decent payout....not anymore.

Rockstar continues to make changes to the game that make it not worth playing. The missions worth repeating because of fun factor or money have now been fun nerfed or money nerfed. There is not much worth repeating anymore and there are no new missions to play to keep it interesting. I guess I'll run around and blow up other players for kicks....wait, I can't do that either? I'm not one that typically does that, but I can see why some people are...this is getting boring only three weeks in.


@SilencedScream I agree Silenced Scream and from what I have been reading online, forums, news and posts here among other things the community agree with you.

There are many posts similar to yours and R* have not been professional or forthcoming with answers, many in regards to changes in mission payments, out of bounds areas in survival etc.. Please feel free to give me your opinions on "The Community does not agree with R*:



From my post: "Despite people telling me that it's part of the patch, I simply can't accept that Rockstar would do something so silly as to gimp the gameplay so significantly."


Well, according to R*, you are supposed to get full payment the first playthrough- and on the completions after, it is supposed to be halved.

According to their statement, there is a bug. I have experienced it.

On all of my Madrazo missions, i am recieving half payment on my first play through.

I have never played these missions. Never with friends, never when joining random missions. Never.

Yet here i am missing out on what i deserve, for my first playthrough.

According to rockstars statement, there is a problem with what i am experiencing....



In my opinion, you're hitting a bug every time - not just the first.

I have no qualms with glitchers; they can do what they want. But I believe that, if you put in the time and effort to complete a mission, you should be paid fairly for it.

Half of the missions don't pay out enough to cover the expenses for them (you need a helicopter, sound familiar?), and to be able to afford some of the things requested requires you to have substantially large sums!

Why are legitimate players being gimped for playing the game legitimately?


I believe that all players participating in the coop missions should be paid equally as the pay outs for the missions have been already reduced and cutting the final payout in half for some players make most of the coop mission not worth doing as you spend more than you make.


Cut the reward for replaying missions and offer no variety.


Yeah, executing the 'whoever' in three different three-minute missions from Martin while gaining a ridiculous amount of money I get. But they've cut the reward on every single mission/whatever you've already played while the 'variety' from quick job-joining is pretty much non-existent.

Eat shit and die fucking hard!


I agree, Iv loved all the GTA's but this one took it to a whole new level..until the paycuts. What was once a world to escape reality is now also a struggle - just like real life.players i live with where smart enough to do the glitch crap before you decided to stuff all us regular players over, and now i feel if i had of done some cheating, i would have gotten i spend more money in preparing for a mission than i earn. Spent a whole day playing and has gone up 2 levels but lost $15,500, all in just a day....and i hadnt brought any vehicles, houses etc... that just showed me that its simply not possible to get ahead in this game, and has me devastated, as im not a gamer, however i make exception to GTA, and GTA online, but this has ruined the game for me...i feel if i do missions ill lose money...also for the jobs that pay out $1500 - players get re spawned and are often shot dead by your apparent "team mate" who just helped you with a mission, all so they can steal your $500 - that is NOT FAIR !! i dont like having to shoot someone after doing a mission with them, but its becoming a case of them or you, and with the payouts, its not worth it being you!.


Yup I totally agree with this.. 100%
To me, all the fun has been taken away.. All the cheating scum who racked up millions can still get away with it while the honest gamer is stuck in poverty as it takes an age to save enough cash to upgrade,restock and enjoy. Gone are the random rampages with my mates replaced with a dash to my house every time to try and protect what little cash I have. Now I've not been able to play all weekend coz of this constant cloud problem. Please sort it R*


You should definately reverse this. It makes many missions next to worthless to replay at all. I understand why you did it, to channel people into playing more variety of missions, but its having the exact opposite effect as a handful of missions become the only ones worth doing at all.