Change to Medical Bills and Patch Notes

Thanks to feedback from our community, we've reduced the maximum penalty on death from $2000 to $500. We hope this change will help you save up more money and have more fun killing each other in GTA Online!

For other changes that are live in this patch, please see the patch notes below:

  • Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss of vehicle mods
  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect car is replaced when choosing to replace a car in a full garage
  • Fixes an exploit allowing players to sell the same vehicle multiple times
  • Fixes an issue that caused personal vehicles to be duplicated
  • Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house
  • Fixes an issue where players were not getting Crew invites in-game
  • Fixes an issue where the starting point for the tutorial race was not appearing
  • Fixes issues with joining Jobs from within a player-owned garage
  • Fixes issues with players getting stuck while using playlists
  • Fixes additional issues causing black screens, long load times, and players getting stuck in the sky cam
  • Adds details in the UI to clarify that characters created while Rockstar cloud is unavailable are temporary (non-saved)
  • Adds changes to the character creator to make better-looking default characters with the “random” option
  • Players now only lose a maximum of 500 GTA$ upon death in GTA Online

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need of clarification, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Have fun in Los Santos this weekend, everyone!

Brian B

Official answer


Just to clarify for those who were asking about the adjustment made to mission replay payouts, please remember that we are continuing to regularly balance the dynamic in-game economy and whenever we discover that there are unintended loopholes that some players are exploiting to grind cash or RP, you can expect that we will be adjusting or closing them. By the same token, there are also cases where we’re balancing the economy in the opposite direction such as recently reduced penalties for dying. All of this is done to keep things as fair and as fun as possible - please remember that we are looking at not only player data in our ongoing tuning process decision-making but also at your direct input, so if you have any feedback about the in-game economy or any other aspects of the game, please direct it to as we are actively looking at all player feedback sent to that address. We thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay tuned this week for more information including timing of the first GTA$ Stimulus Package deposit and the forthcoming new content such as the Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator and Heists.

Rockstar Games

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"I apologize that there was not full clarity on this in the patch notes; "

There was NO clarity on this subject what so ever. People found out them selves, not because of your incomplete patch-notes. Seriously, Rockstar.. Please just admit that there were NO clarity and that the patch DID NOT fix the connection issues.
And also, cash cards are still disabled. whut



Players that send giant gifts like that will be immediately banned when found and reported, so please send us an email to with proof and information (as that is handled by a separate group).

The recipients of those gifts need not worry, as you can't exactly refuse a cash gift. We're still looking into those on a case-by-case basis.

Brian B

Everything else expect the pay cut is welcomed... but the pay cut seems really harsh and unnecessary.


R*, you guys are completely out of touch. You just keep making more and more stupid decisions. I swear, there's been three patches for this game in under three weeks, and each one has lessened the game in some way. You are definitely not the company you used to be.

All GTA Online is, is a glorified racing game.


Why are payout decreases not mentioned in these patch notes. In a way, I can understand why they might have been decreased. The thing I can't understand is, why not tell us that you did it, and the reason for making these changes?


Can you let us know what changes in the missions where done, payouts where changed it seems, and if im seeing correctly if you die you only earn half of that correct?


Dear @Rockstar, (GTA V: Online Bugs/Problems)

Not sure but are you aware of this bug i discovered is that when you purchase a new Chute Color and Smoke Trail that you have purchased but previously brought others Chute Colors and Smoke Trails it seems to be that the purchased and equipped versions don't work when parachuting. E.g. I equip a Black Chute & a Red Smoke Trail but when parachuting i have i different Color Chute also Smoke Trail from what i equipped.

Also when in a lobby after accepting a job that was requested i find that i have my preferences on "Matchmaking Closed" so that players are not able to join only when i invite but the players are still able to join the session when Matchmaking is Closed which i don't see why this happening when you've not invited them to your game/session. As well as you should think about adding a new feature that allows the 'Host' to "Kick" other players that you do not want in the session. Or a feature that allows the player before accepting the job that was requested to have a choice to set the privacy on private.

Another bug i have encountered is that when doing a mission requested by Ron called: "Base Invaders" is that it seems that if a multiple players are sticking the 'Lazers' E.g. I stick 2 Lazers then my freinds sticks 1 then if we activate the detonator around by the same time it seems that for a odd reason that i fail this mission saying something like "You did not blow up the Lazer."

And for my last statement is another bug i found on the mission that is requested by Martin Madrazo called: "The Los Santos Connection" Is that when a player is hacking the terminal/laptop during the mission in order to receive the GPS to the 'Hanger' and then that player gets shot by enemies while hacking then he dies no other players are able to hack for some strange reason because the feature to hack is not available to hack again.

Your sincerely, From Ben Payne
Hope you can reply back thankyou...


I can't even gather the will to play this online anymore after this stunt. Work twice as hard to earn what you could already barely afford, good stuff.


"For those of you inquiring about mission payouts, there was a change that reduces payouts by 50% after a repeat of the mission. So, basically, the first time you play and beat the mission, you will get the full amount. Subsequent replays will see a payout amount reduced by half."

I joined someone on some higher level missions today and only got half the payout. Am I still going to get the full payout once when I get those missions for myself?


Just gotta read between the lines, Rockstar isnt concerned about balance. they are concerned about protecting potential for profit from micro-transactions for gta cash. so its fine if some jerk has access to millions of dollars to throw airstrikes and buy attack choppers and nearly limitless supply of ammo and any car he wants fully long as he pays rockstar for it. if he assumes he has a right to earn that money by devoting nothing but his time and energy to grinding missions for small time criminal amounts of cash then they arent ok with it. The "balance" as they call it makes no sense to me. you get paid 25k (now 12.5k ) for sneaking onto a military base, destroying 3 FA-18 fighter jets and stealing a twin rotor helicopter. That sounds fair dont it?

So what happens when heists go live? do we spend our time planning ( hopefully having multiple options on styles and ways to carry them out) only to find out after all our hard work we will get 15k for robbing a bank and risking our characters life in a harrowing escape from the authorities? Will heists even be worth doing once they go live? or will they also be quickly gimped to avoid the inevitability of players wanting to do them more than once...

By reducing payouts, and gimping mission retries, all rockstar is really doing is lessening the need for player interaction. in the last week alone ive gone from being able to regularly jump into missions with auto invites to not finding missions at all unless i host them. people are giving up on missions. they dont want to grind the same mission 250 times to buy a car, they dont want to spend 15 hours a day grinding so they can compete with people who buy gta cash and place bounties on people for fun. people want to log in, have some fun together with friends, maybe meet some new people and kill them. perhaps run heists together etc. but MOST OF ALL, players want to feel like the time and effort they put into this game is worth it. I think i speak for a lot of us when i say right now it is not, and its not getting any better.


Im sick of the empty promises. No heists and barely any missions to play. "500" missions, yeahhhh okaay. You justify lowering mission payouts so we play more missions, ITS NOT OUT FAULT THE SAME 5 MISSIONS POP UP. I see zero reason to play online now. Those challenging high reward missions that my friends and I looked forward to unlocking are now completely worthless. I've lost all motivation to play the online and level up my character. None of my friends want to play this game anymore. We are all hoping heists bring back the mojo this game had before 1.04.


Rockstar Games, I've read almost all the answers and this is what I have to say. People love saving up money to buy things they like because it makes it more worth while. Remove reduced payouts but slightly increase the cost of items. Or if you don't want people replaying the same mission, introduce a system where the mission payout gets reduced but only for 24h in real time. So if I play a mission and earn 25K, and then the same day if I keep playing it I'll earn 12.5k and so on, but 24 hours later when i restart the game I can still re-earn the 25k, and the same thing will happen again. Also you want to keep people hooked to this game. I know I may sound like I'm asking for too much but add new content. You're too busy fixing patches, which we all greatly appreciate, but they mean nothing if no one is driven to play the game. Introduce an entirely new playlist of missions every month. Also introduce new weapons and clothing items. As for the Bad Sports's a good concept but it needs work. Whenever someone destroys a persons car for the first time they should pay 5% of the insurance fee. Killing each other shouldn't be punished, sometimes blowing up another persons car is necessary. As for the police. I mean they're great. What you did with the AI was amazing, but let's face it. The cops ruin all the fun. I fire one bullet and they send out the cavalry. Either lengthen the police response time or lower the amount of time it takes for you to escape them. As for the impounding system. Sometimes when I went to retrieve my vehicle from the police impound the gate wouldn't open and I would be killed. Please fix that. I have so much hope for this game, and I want nothing more than to see it succeed. Please don't be get all big headed and become like EA. Please don't be greedy. We beg you. You created something totally unique and amazing and fun. You have great potential to create amazing content in the future, but it will be all in vain if no one is playing it. Please Rockstar.


Why are job payouts reduced when you play a mission above your lvl? That way when we play my missions i get twice as much money than my lower lvl friends. Means the gap between me and my friends is getting bigger and bigger. This is realy anoying when playing with my crew/friend. Soo please undo this change!


You say you have reduced the cash to half for repeated missions, So why am I getting half cash for the first time I do missions compared to previous? Titan of a job only pays 12.5k instead of 25k even if it is the first time I have done the mission.

Does the cash only get halved if you click replay? What happens if I call Martin and he gives me "out of court settlement" 3 times in a row? Will I only get 4.5k on the next few run throughs despite the fact the game gave me these missions, not that I am replaying it? The whole change stinks and just reaks of R* trying to push people into buying your in game cash once it is ready.

What about the stealth increase to Sticky bombs? They were about $500 and now they are $600. You are making a lot of changes that are simply not in your patch notes and it is getting silly. Be open, Be honest and allow proper discussion as to the changes you are making instead of hiding things and giving piss poor information to your user base.


R* makes a satire of Corporations in the GTA universe, but is now becoming a satire of itself.

Ironic greetings


dear rockstar,

the co op missions were my favourite part of the online game. they were great fun, and i felt that the cash rewards were fair. 3k for taking out an entire drug ring, stealing the dope, delivering it back to gerald - fair dos. 2k for nicking a car for simeon - yeah, i can accept that. 5k for driving round the whole city blowing up police cars, a riot van, police bikes, and a prison bus, while on a time limit with a constant wanted level ...ok, it was hard work, but it was fun, and i would happily do it for 5k.

but now....yes, things are a little different.

i'm cruising round in free roam, when my phone rings. ... "heyyy it's simeon, remember me? call me if you want some work"

yeah , the thing is simeon, you seem to have cut my wages by, you know, i'd rather just rob a takes less than a minute, and pays better than your *****ty repo job. so i politely decline simeon's offer.

sooo i drive around a bit more, and my phone rings again. "hey fool it's gerald...blah blah blah"

yeah gerald, it seems the recession has also affected you, and you aren't being quite so generous anymore. you know, these drug rings are actually rather dangerous, and i'm spending an awful lot of ammo killing all these bad guys for you. i think i'd rather just do 1 lap of "down the drain" and get 13k...but do stay in touch gerald.

and lamar, no...i am not stealing any more ***** tankers on half pay. steal your own ***** tanker.

i used to like getting calls from these guys. but i hate simeon now. i hate gerald. i hate lamar. i now consider myself a full time corner shop robber, and frankly, the pay is far better than anything these guys can offer, and takes a fraction of the time.

so to sum up - you've taken what was fun, rockstar....and made it a c*****.


Fix "Bad Sports" being able to play without friends and crew members is very disappointing, the system is flawed at best! I feel like selling this game and playing something else just because this stupid system


i am sorry, but you patched the game into the wrong direction. its not the gamers fault when your dev/strategie team are making mistakes! please if npc missions rewards so badly, reenable to replay option! that would be a fair cut! replaying what makes fun should not be punished! it would be smarter to implement sth that if replaying over and over again (lets say more than x times) the rewards starts dropping (best would be for that particular gamer)! particularly because you havent disabled the same options for racing and others, witch takes this game way more to a "mario party" game rather than a GTA for adults (over 18)!


replay mission reduced, but ho wlong till they return to normal again? 24hrs? or once youve done the mission one it will never pay out that amount again? plz explain this better...


But you do NOT get the full amount the frist time.
You only get half the payment.
Better fix this FAST!
So if I get it right , you tried to add something to the game , and did it wrong , AGAIN!

All the missions only give you half the payment.
But the races still give the same money.
If I want to race, I play Forza!

Your post is VERY confusing and not helping anyone ... this patch was a step in the wrong direction!
You should LISTEN to the community!

You want to keep the game balanced?
Where is the "Bitch Please" meme?
If u would want to the game to be balanced you wouldnt sell those cashcards.
So dont tell us its because of economical balance!
Its because u want us to buy those freaking cashcards!

Thats what I and 90% of the community thinks!


is it just missions that are cut 50% or is it all of the opportunities? like survival? which is not any easier each time. or death matches, which have different payouts for each rank?


Base invaders: Yesterday I paid $2k for hospital and got $25k for mission.
Today I get $12,500 and hospital costs $500.

Loss = $13k, assuming I die. Terrible.

Yeah. Co-op people are screwed and that is counter intuitive to heist coming.

But I can race till I die from boredom?


Very interesting, I sorta like this change now that I have a better understanding of the function.

I would like to recommend that those missions could have their full payout reset after 1 day in RL or after you do a certain amount of other missions. Something like this to still encourage variety and mission exploration but not totally discourage you from ever playing the same mission more than once.


Funny. First you say the medical bill isn't supposed to be there in the first place, yet all you did was reduce the fee. I'm not pissed at the fact that there is still a fee. I'm upset you're still lying to people Rock*. Of course you guys can get away with doing that because of the over zealous fanbase you have. Whatever Rock*. I just won't believe a word you say anymore. People still haven't gotten their money you promised, and still no heists or Beach pack as you promised in this update. SMH Stop lying to your fanbase. More and more players are starting to wake up and realizing what all this nerfing is about. dare I say it. 'Moneypacks". Stop ruining the great potential this game has by trying to nickle and dime everyone.


Is there any news on the bugs affecting Closed Matchmaking allowing uninvited players to join jobs and Crew/Friends getting put into different sessions when selecting Freemode from the jobs menu?

Those are the two issues that make the game a whole lot less fun for me. Dieing costing less is very much appreciated though!