Change to Medical Bills and Patch Notes

Thanks to feedback from our community, we've reduced the maximum penalty on death from $2000 to $500. We hope this change will help you save up more money and have more fun killing each other in GTA Online!

For other changes that are live in this patch, please see the patch notes below:

  • Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss of vehicle mods
  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect car is replaced when choosing to replace a car in a full garage
  • Fixes an exploit allowing players to sell the same vehicle multiple times
  • Fixes an issue that caused personal vehicles to be duplicated
  • Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house
  • Fixes an issue where players were not getting Crew invites in-game
  • Fixes an issue where the starting point for the tutorial race was not appearing
  • Fixes issues with joining Jobs from within a player-owned garage
  • Fixes issues with players getting stuck while using playlists
  • Fixes additional issues causing black screens, long load times, and players getting stuck in the sky cam
  • Adds details in the UI to clarify that characters created while Rockstar cloud is unavailable are temporary (non-saved)
  • Adds changes to the character creator to make better-looking default characters with the “random” option
  • Players now only lose a maximum of 500 GTA$ upon death in GTA Online

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need of clarification, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Have fun in Los Santos this weekend, everyone!

Brian B

Official answer


Just to clarify for those who were asking about the adjustment made to mission replay payouts, please remember that we are continuing to regularly balance the dynamic in-game economy and whenever we discover that there are unintended loopholes that some players are exploiting to grind cash or RP, you can expect that we will be adjusting or closing them. By the same token, there are also cases where we’re balancing the economy in the opposite direction such as recently reduced penalties for dying. All of this is done to keep things as fair and as fun as possible - please remember that we are looking at not only player data in our ongoing tuning process decision-making but also at your direct input, so if you have any feedback about the in-game economy or any other aspects of the game, please direct it to as we are actively looking at all player feedback sent to that address. We thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay tuned this week for more information including timing of the first GTA$ Stimulus Package deposit and the forthcoming new content such as the Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator and Heists.

Rockstar Games

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Every patch there has been a nerf to making money 1. no more replay on job voting screen. 2. No more RT for replay on like/dislike screen. 3. nerf to payouts on jobs. In ALL the patch notes for ALL these patches none of these were listed. What does this mean? I have no idea but me to it seems that they are trying to make it as hard as they can for us to make money, in the end pushing us to buy cash cards? what about people who can't afford to blow $20-$40 on cash cards? $20 is 1.7m? stupid.


@Rockstar Games BB. Thank you for the answer and I apologize for the frustration apparent in my voice. In a more constructive tone: have you considered having the reward reset to full every say... 24 hours (real time)? Think of it like a "daily" reward like in other online games. So the first time you play a mission for the day - full reward, with subsequent runs halved.

A flaw with your current method is that you are discouraging repeats - which also means that new players coming in will have fewer joins from randoms. If I see a invite from a random player, my acceptance has usually hinged on reward vs. time. By reducing the death penalty you've definitely increased my willingness to do activities, but by simultaneously decreasing rewards you've made it so my overall decision making hasn't changed, in fact I've already pretty much sworn off anything from Gerald or Simeon. Lester's stuff has been great!

It seems you continue to focus on finding new disincentives when you should be looking at the structure of rewards for teamwork, daily rewards, etc. That reward continued play as opposed to punishing it. I'd appreciate a reply.


You want us to experience variety? That's Bullspit!!!! I've been give the Titan job by Lester 3 times in a row as well as Check out time from guys are showing your true colors and that the color of GREED. You screwed up the implementation of your cash cards and in game economy and are punishing the players. The stimulus is simply hush money now....You are killing this game slowly and any hope of it's future success. Stop now and do a 180. Return the payouts and the replay feature and admit you made a mistake with monetization of free roam.

You continue to ruin what otherwise was a promising game RockStar. Your missteps are mind boggling. What's the incentive to replay any mission now...and by the way did you ever consider the fact that voting for a mission was being determined by the payout and not by how fun it was? That means the information you've collected and will collect is tainted because of your shenanigans. You've taken what should have been the greatest game of ALL time and simpoly pissed on it and it's purchasers....thanks a lot Rockstar...fix the exploits and glitches yes, punish people for replaying a mission because of it's payout is asinine.


Congratulations R* you really know how to ruin a brilliant idea.

Here a short list:

1- Useless passive mode. You should call it "kill me mode"

2- "Bad sport" with poor criteria. It should be an option not a punishment

3- Constant reduction in mission payouts.

4- Loss of characters, loss of cars, loss of upgrades, loss of levels, loss of Money.

5- LCS upgrades linked to races and not RP. If you don't like race, i am sorry but you will never have a turbo.

6- Released a game with tons of glitches that made millionaires and players level >100 in less than a week.

4- and FINALLY you ruined CO-OP mission. The only thing that was reasonable. CO-OP means teamwork. Now with different payouts, based on who knows what, CO-OP missions became a free for all. You have to keep an eye on the enemies and the other on your teammates, because they might run over you just to reach the checkpoint first.


"We hope this change will help you save up more money and have more fun killing each other in Free Mode!"

How can we save up money if u lower the payouts aswell?
You pay less for death , but you earn less.
So the money you make is still gone to fast.
Do you guys even KNOW what you are DOING?


How about growing a pair and informing the community of the less favourable changes you make rather than just listing what people want to hear.


I'm going to try to avoid becoming a internet rage monkey here and watch my language.... what... did you do... to mission payouts? Please.

Whew... that took a lot of effort.


What about the reduced payout for missions? Which ones are reduced, and why? Some people are reporting only getting half while team mates in the same mission get the full amount... What's going on?


People that abused glitches/exploits got off clean and everyone else who fairly used missions as their main way of making money are the ones being punished. I don't understand the backward logic being used here. Missions were fine and did not need to be nerfed a 2nd time. What is the point of leveling up if high level missions pay the same as Gerald and Lamar missions.


LOL no mention of lowering mission pay outs while rise the gun cost to??? surprise surprise, what about the retarded change to survial?

  1. Cut mission reward in half before heists rolled out? Cut it in half after heists, reducing medical bills is nice and all but that doesn't address the real issue that most of my money ends up-going into weapons, ammo and vehicles. Just the other day i spend 85k on ammo alone. You have a lot of people that abused the LSC bug but didn't ban anyone or take anything away from the cheaters yet the players that try to do missions as a source of revenue can't even keep up.
  2. Support and ticketing services are a joke, they don't even bother reading post, just reply mark it as answered.
  3. This entire patch was a joke, you found out about the LSC bug at the latest 1 day after it was made public, poorly handled. should have disabled the ability to go into the cash shop. I'm quite displeased with how this situation was handled. I haven't bothered playing gta online at all because of it nor do i plan on going back until changes are made to address cheaters and people who exploited such an easy to bandage bug (coming from a game developer).

You should really put some time into reworking the bad sport system for the next patch.

Everyone hates it, haven't you noticed?


After my boyfriend and I earned 1500 dollars for a 20 minute mission, I really don't think we'll be playing the missions anymore =/


To be honest missions are rather worthless now. Maybe I'll do the occasional Base Invaders that comes my way but that's about it. There was already a huge trouble getting anyone to join your mission... newbies are never going to get anyone to play with them now. Races are usually set specifically so the host wins. So they use their one specifically modified car on the one specific race they know extremely well to pretty much farm wins off random people who join. Win twice.. other leave.. repeat. I was forced to do the same thing just to get the damn bike turbo, since joining random races is a crapshoot. Not to mention how the race system favors those who are BEHIND more than those that get ahead thanks to their skills. Got ahead? Tough tits.. since thanks to the speed boost of slip stream (you can't turn off) the guy in beat up truck is gonna catch up to your super sport and ram you off the road just before the finish line.

At this point survival bores me to tears. On each map there's a specific spot where you need to camp to even have a chance of passing the damn thing. Sit there for 30 minutes popping the enemies that run at you.. shooting range. After that get your 20k.. it's beyond tedious.

The game is dead already.. at least in EU. Most of the servers are half full at most. Selling cars is the only decent way to make money. So I just stockpile expensive cas in my garage to be sold later. I've seen armored car precisely ONCE. Crate drops are a joke and no one bothers to go get them. You can't get people to join even survival, which is the last mode that I was able to get 3-4 people on regular basis... now it's 2.. if you're lucky. Making survival even more tedious. No one joins missions or even races.. because of the problems I mentioned.

Freemode with higher level players turns into deathmatch.. since there's not enough players lower levels get thrown into the mix and get completely obliterated by the lvl 50+ players. This game in general is extremely tough to new players.. they can't get much money.. no one wants to join their missions and they get constantly killed by stronger players... this doesn't bode well for player retention.

I'm sorry, but I can see GTA Online being dead withing 2 months.. at least in EU region.


Make some proper dlc if you want to make more money. I would love to buy new content,missions,cars. Credit cards? NOT.

Don't try to pretend GTA V Online is a free to play because you made it free, all the content was on the paid disc.

Please, restore payouts. Restore survival.

Internet/interface glitch is still here, fantastic. But i'm not disappointed now, i knew this issue will never get fixed looking how much you are ignoring every inquiry over this major glitch.


Obviously the mission payouts are another way to corner us to buy money packs. It's easy to see.


@Rockstar BB

Thanks again for the reply. Also - and this is just a note, not trying to be antagonistic - but reducing mission payments in prep for content that hasn't had any sort of release schedule is remarkably bad form. I understand trying to keep everything scaling, but using "future content" which could be one month or five away is a bit out there - that's the sort of change you typically push days before new extended level content, not well in advance of.

It's about as bad as marketing an online component based on features not in the release yet (ok, that one was a bit of a poke in the eye, but I think you deserve it ;) )


I loved what this game promised, but I would have to say... making money has become a grind and a chore in this game. I'm not going to spend money on micro-trans, because at the rate this game is going it is soon to be not worth playing. Races, deathmatches, and other competitive play are only fun for so long. The Police in the game are just ridiculous, and I am sick of playing the same missions over and over again. The shock and fun value of robbing stores and armored cars is long gone... the rewards in free roam are just sad. The reward is never worth the risk.

If we don't get heists soon, I foresee a lot of players trading the game in.

Also, sure, the current music in the game is ethnic, and realistic... But no one wants to play a game with shitty music.


But rockstar you contradict yourself when you lower mission pay outs its still the same system stop trying to cover it up.


Changing the payouts, which were already way too low for all but the Martin missions,and a couple of Lester's and Ron's, was asinine. It has completely ruined a game that was already on the verge of ruin due to the epic fail we've come to know as the "passive" mode. A mode which has resulted in players spending all of their time either avoiding other players, or killing them. Nobody dares go near anybody they don't know unless they have zero dollars and don't mind getting killed. Even if they do make a new friend that doesn't gun them down, they can't just enjoy running around the game and having fun together, because some other nimrod invariably kills them when they're just trying to have some fun co-op together.

Back to my original rant about the payouts... They're so absurdly out of line with the prices of upgrades, weapons, vehicles, and services in the game, that it has resulted in many of these things never being used. For example, raise your hand if you've called in an airstrike (12.5K) or a backup helicopter (5K) from Merryweather on a mission, or even in free roam, at least more than once or twice just to test it out. (looking around at millions of players without their hands raised, including me) Of COURSE nobody uses these FUN services that everybody SHOULD be using occasionally, because it would cost WAY more to use them than you'd even make from completing all but ONE mission in the entire online game (which now pays 12.5K)! Not to mention how much you already have to spend in armor, ammo,and food just to complete most of the missions. Nobody calls in mercenaries, or airstrikes, or backup helicopters, they're just WAY too damned expensive! And if you DO see anybody using these things, you know damn well they cheated and exploited the glitches in the game to make sickening amounts of money (nobody's buying the stupid cash cards). All the while, Rockstar sits around and does nothing about it, but instead chooses to punish the HONEST players that have already been spending all of their time grinding for pennies on missions, and avoiding other players in free roam so as not to lose any of that hard earned cash.

This game is DOOMED unless Rockstar makes a VERY abrupt 180 and starts LISTENING to what the players are asking for, like they SAID they were going to do before the online version launched. I've played every GTA game since GTA 3, and even the pre GTA 3 versions that were a completely different style of game. I was as excited about the release of GTA V as anybody out there, particularly due to the online version, and I could scarcely be more disappointed in the execution of the online system. The core of the game itself is great (IE the graphics, the physics, the details, etc.), but Rockstar has completely and totally failed to implement a system that ENCOURAGES co-op gameplay, makes playing FUN, and prevents killing other players that don't WANT to be killed.



Instead of punishing people for playing jobs over and over, why not add more jobs? Honestly, one of my favorites is Parking Garage - I like that there's two co-op teams working towards the same objective (as opposed to it being a glorified deathmatch). It doesn't pay much, but the idea behind it is what made it fun. :)

Simeon's are pretty much pointless; steal a car (or cars) and bring them back for a few bones. Lester, Gerald, Ron, and Martin are typically better - but unfortunately, I've played the majority of jobs available to me and I'm wanting more.

When I purchased the game, I misunderstood the term "500 missions" to mean 500 of what you consider jobs - races, deathmatch, and glorified deathmatches (referred to as:"missions") have never been called "missions" in ANY game I've played. Instead of 500 jobs, there's roughly about 60-70 that I'm aware of. :/


With the reduced payout, some missions aren't even worth the armor and bullets used on them.


"For those of you inquiring about mission payouts, there was a change that reduces payouts by 50% after a repeat of the mission. So, basically, the first time you play and beat the mission, you will get the full amount. Subsequent replays will see a payout amount reduced by half.

This is to help prepare for upcoming missions and content in the Beach Bum Pack as well as heists to help keep the game balanced as well as encourage the exploration of new missions and content in the game." - R* Support

In response to the above, thanks for the explanation and I can dig it. I would suggest though that in order to keep the lower end content from being a loss for middle and high level players, the 50% reduction shouldn't take place on missions that pay out $5k and lower. Missions that pay $5k or less barely recoup, and in some cases do not, the cost to undertake them. I honestly think $5k should be the minimal payout for any mission given the costs players incur to undertake them. My 2 cents, thanks.


Soon all missions will be paying out 500-1000 and we will be wondering why we still play this game. All the while R* will be laughing at us and raking in the money from the cash cards dumbass people buy.


I can't really see a defensible reason to nerf all the mission payouts other then to force cash cards on everyone. You said the game economy would be balanced so people wouldn't have to buy cash cards and those who did got their stuff pimped out a little faster. This re balancing makes it seem more like "The Game Economy is balanced to encourage the purchasing of cash cards".

You guys need to be less broad and more focused in your adjustments. world of warcraft learned this lesson after years of swinging back and forth to one extreme. Scaling mission payouts on replays should be done precisely and with great care, not in broad strokes.

Example: Titan of a Job should not have a nerfed payout. There are several significant time sinks built into this mission that cannot be improved via skillful replays. There is a mandatory drive to the air port that takes a certain amount of time. There is a mandatory flight with the Titan that takes a certain amount of time. There are multiple load screens that we have to sit through and risk disconnection on. There is nothing about these aspects that can be significantly cut down by players learning to do the mission more efficiently. As best you can quickly eradicate the guards around the Titan. Which is the shortest part of the mission already.

If anything, these missions payouts should scale back with each consecutive replay to discourage replaying one mission for all time. Each time a mission is completed in succession the payout should be reduced by X amount. Doing a different mission should either reset this reduced payout or scale it back up towards the maximum payout.

This everything pays half nonsense is just that. Nonsense and a shameful cash grab


Restrictions and rules is why real life sucks. This is just a video game. Why am I even here and not playing? Rockstar needs to just make two separate rooms that players can CHOOSE. One with all the trolls and hackers in god mode, the other with normal gamers who want to play the way the game is intended. CHOICE is what GTA online is lacking. Restrictions and rules is why real life sucks. Stop forcing shit on me, this is MY game.


I gotta say, Rockstar, I am severely disappointed by your constant nerfing of the payouts. Sure, I understand that there should be no reward for grinding. But I have never done any of this grinding behavior before. I try to play the game as it is intended.


There aren't enough missions for me to play different missions every time, I've played every mission in my level range, and that means that if I want to play missions I must accept a significantly lowered payout. Considering how expensive everything is, I'm starting to lose my faith in the game, and it's becoming exactly the same pay-to-win scenario that you promised it would not become.

I get that you want money, but you are bordering on destroying the game for those of us who cannot afford your cash cards, and many of us are starting to get frustrated. Maybe make it so the payout is reduced on repeat plays of a mission within the same 24 hour period. But forever? This discourages replay value and considering how few missions there are available, this discourages gameplay in general.

Very disappointed, Rockstar, please fix this before you lose your loyal gamer audience and have nothing left but drones willing to shell out money from their mother's credit card. You may make more money, but in the long run alienating gamers is not an honorable decision or a sound business practice for the future of your franchise.


i hope by u guys cutting some payouts in half means ur jus gona add higher paying missions as we rank up??and make heists have decent payouts too.stuff is expensive to buy and making missions hard with harldy a decent payouts..n i dont mind having to buy a couple cash cards but i dont want to always have to buy those i want to earn money myself and make it worth it..still have faith that u guys r gona fix everything and make those JP worth something and add tons more of missions/ i kept my 360 jus for this game cuz i have my xb1 reserved..dont let us down R* I LOVE THE ONLINE AND ALOT OF US DO CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT U GUYS ADD PLEASE HEAR US OUT.