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Just a question about something I don't fully understand. I made a post asking about the up coming patch and if the replay button would be added back in, the answer was no.

What I would like to know is why? First we got told it was a glitch/bug and it would be fixed in the upcoming patch, now its now getting put back in at all?

Also we have the ability to replay races over and over, and all the other types but not missions? why is this? the few missions that were bugged are now fixed. You can make just as much money and xp from farming short races with a friend, and can make even more money by placing bets to win then letting that person to win etc.

You, one of the Rockstar support have said so urself Rockstar does not see farming as an exploit. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is what's the reason for not reinstalling the replay button in this patch? Also will it be put back in at a later date? I'm sure that's not to hard to answer =P.


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Basically, we want players to advance and explore other missions in GTA Online. Playing one contact mission repeatedly does not advance the game or unlock additional contacts, or additional missions from your current contacts.

Contacts will give you a mission multiple times, so if you really enjoy the mission, you can call them up to get it again in Free mode.

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That's a disgusting answer! Your telling us a lie! What your answer should be is " we made gta online with micro transactions and as of patch 1.04 we've nerfed all missions worth any money to TRY AND FORCE YOU TO BUY MICRO TRANSACRIONS!" That's disgusting and it best be fixed ASAP! Put replay back in! If people want to grind to make money they should be able to. That's borderline criminal what your attempting to do!


One of the Missions was extremely easy with a high payout, players replayed it multiple times to farm cash. It was deemed an exploit and Replay was removed on Missions. Contacts will still offer the same Job a few times, just not as often as Replay allowed


What mission was this? VD? nerfed = fixed or are you on about RR? its ok fixed. If not them what one are you on about?


I hope they not done this for races to cuz that would suck but i also agree with rockstar joining mission and they just play it over and over and over again gets really boring really fast.


Ok i completely disagree, I bought the game to play it a certain way. If I want to sit there and do the same mission over and over again I should be able too because I am still playing the game the correct way. Plus its hard to gain a lot of money when most of the things that are going to be in the game arent in the game. The replay button should be put back in because people are just playing the game. They are not use a glitch in game mechanics to give them more money. Like the bike glitch.