Bad Sport on GTA Online?!

Bad Sport on GTA V? Are you serious? I just got bad sport just then for the second time and this is making me not play GTA V at all. I understand that it makes people not get spawn traped but its GTA you can do what ever you want, why dont you just get kicked from the game instead of getting banned for 2 or more real days. I just want to have fun with my friends getting revenge from the people that have been killing us. It would be better if you guys just make it so you get kicked from the game or pay their insurence even if you have no money, you would get negative money.


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It's real time and it's totally absurd. A proper passive mode is exactly what should've been made. The game is called Grand Theft Auto, not Bunnies, Rabbits, and Unicorn Rainbows. My attempts at humor aside, it is completely despicable that I cannot play with my friend now that he has been dubbed a "Bad" Sport, don't go into a FREE MODE lobby if you do not want to get killed. It's called FREE MODE, but where is the freedom? You lock out my friend that I got this game to play with? What sort of unjust rubbish could be called deserved punishment for playing the game? How can you put rules in a game that prides itself on its lack of rules? Send the army to go attack them or something else exciting and FUN, not ruin all of our experiences for a few players' mistakes being in a public lobby. Shoot someone's horse in Red Dead, and guess what...the horse dies. PERIOD. Rockstar, I have moved from being entirely impressed (regardless of the bugs that have made me lose over 2 million dollars for which you are only giving me 500k back for...!) to being utterly and completely disappointed for your lack of consideration towards ALL types of players. I am truly disappointed. Past the point of frustration, just disappointed. Please account for your wrongs, and not just by compensating a fraction of what was lost...

Call me a whiner and a baby, it's completely irrelevant. I speak on the behalf all of my fellow frustrated friends that cannot even play with each other. We were going to go to the movie theater tonight for innocent fun and camaraderie, but now we have to just wonder who decided to punish everyone for only a few's preferences. Alright, I'm done.

P.s. Rockstar I still appreciate all you've created and done for us as a gaming community, I just hope this expression of my perspective may shed some light on a more universally acceptable way to assess such situations. Peace.


I do think they should remove the Bad Sport for destroying another persons car. I was getting chased by a group of 3 who were picking off everyone on the map who got near them, generally causing havoc. I C4'd them when they chased me down an alley way and I'm the one punished for it?! Doesn't make to much sense.


I agree. Their bad sport system is by far the most pathetic feature I've experienced on GTA Online. Friends and I in an invite only session are screwing around. He blows up my car, no biggie, I don't really care but he gets removed for being a Bad Sport and put in with cheaters. Fix your shit. This isn't "Grant Theft Hugs and Kisses" it's called GRAND THEFT AUTO for a reason. Not to be nice, to be complete and utter assholes. So live up to the name and stop catering to the 5 year old children. It's sickening.


I just blew up someones vehicle and I didn't know I would get "Bad sport"

"Bad sport" is a really dumb idea, GTA is all about blowing, destroying, killing, etc. stuff up.

It should really get removed.


@Wulfingo... Its 2 days, not 2 hours, big difference, I think so.
And why should I be punished if some idiot drives directly into my tank (repeatedly) and kills himself while im parked and trying to mark a waypoint?


How the hell are we supposed to know what is insured and what is not. Also for the cost of the excess who cares? You can make that in a single robbery.


I'll add my vote to the "bad sport system is a game breaking ridiculous mess"
If I wanted to play strawberry shortcake's happy fun time I wouldn't have bought a GTA game.

I have been lucky enough to avoid getting this stupid crap myself, but I've had friends that got this and it punishes me, a so called "good sport" because now I can't play with my friends.

Stupid move R*

I hope you get rid of this crap or create an option to play in a mixed lobby if you choose at the very least.


everyone I've ever seen reply on these topics are agreeing that the bad sport feature is BS. Though I have never actually been placed in one of these "bad sport" rooms, I am now terrified of defending myself online. people drive down the road all the time and toss grenades at me and my friends AND our cars. so when I on foot manage to sticj one of their cars and blow their cars up, I would get labeled a bad sport?

how does this make sense in the least bit? I am by no means a cheater or exploiter, but this bad sport feature will undoubtedly cripple the players online because more and more will switch over to the new saints row or battlefield.

I was under the impression that GTA has always been a game for a mature audience, so if you enter a room with 15 other adults who like games where you kill people and sell drugs.... cars are bound to blow up somewhere along the way. I've lost my car countless numbers of times, but you know what? I'm not crying about it and saying "please keep the bad sport feature" or "I will be so glad once they are put in a bad sport room"

I just keep playing and kill them or their vehicle and get even. If players are really irritated by other players trashing their cars.... there are MANY well known features that allow you to avoid it easily they are :

1.)solo session 2.)invite only session 3.)closed friend session 4.)closed crew session

with so many options to easily avoid grenade and sticky bomb hurling players.... it makes you wonder why such an impractical feature ever saw light in implementation.

I'm sorry but if you cant blow people's cars up when they blow yours up without being labeled equally as bad as them... then GTA V online is nothing more than being in school...

because most of us know the dreaded self defense rule at schools... which is if a bully hits you in the face and makes you bleed, you must report it to a teacher so he can be expelled. IF you raise a single finger against the bully kicking your face in on the school ground you both get expelled and are both looked at as trouble makers....

all this feature does is cater to the 6 people per 1,000 players that are crying about not being safe or protected in this game. Well guess what, this is gta V if you dont wanna get killed play a card game with your friends. As mentioned above if a player doesnt want to get their vehicle blown up, just launch any session that locks out people you dont know. It's so easy.

.... yea nuff said.


@iTippy Hard Out! I bought this game to rock about and be an asshole. When im in the real world, that is when i go around NOT blowing up cars and killing people.

What did i pay for ? I can be a good sport in real life.


this bad sport stuff is preposterous.. If youre on foot someone in a car is stalking you, killing you over and over causing you to loose 2K everytime, youre just supposed to .....let it happen I guess? Lord knows blowing up the car of some prick who just caused you 10K in hospital bills is "Bad sport" even though YOU pay for his new car. Paying the insurance claim to get them a new vechile isnt punishment enough? You get banned for defending yourself? LOL

Its whatever, fix this nonsense. Its great that people get punished for rage quitting etc. But you shouldnt get punished for using whats at your disposal to stay alive when people are actively stalking you. Good intensions gone wrong indeed


I agree with the people here. The whole concept of 'Bad sport' is not for GTA. If you destroy a personal vehicle, paying for it is enough. If you don't want us to blow shit up, why give us all these bombs/rockets in freemode? Also, how are we suppose to know which car is a personal vehicle and which are just random? I didn't get kicked/banned for being a bad sport but I'm getting the warnings. Don't ruin a good game with this bs. If people don't want to get blown up/killed give them the option to join a no kill lobby or something.

If person A is kills person B 3 times in a row, don't punish person A, give person B the option to spawn far away or go into passive mode before they spawn. On the other hand, don't let person A go into passive mode and make him defend himself for a bit.

Finally, give players with low ranks the option to join a lobby that will be in their rank range. (Not sure if this option already exists though.)


yeah this is asinine. If you kill a griefer by shooting them, then they just respawn to do it all over again. If you destroy their car, then they think twice about messing with you. This has been my policy and now I'm a bad sport for 3 DAYS!? Thats not 3 hours, not 3 in-game days, but it means 72 real world hours. Now I'm thrown into the same lobbies as the asshats that exploited the game for millions of dollars and now just drive around in their tanks blowing up everything. Really? am I on the same level as the guy who just rides around blowing everyone up with a tank? For defending myself? I guess rockstar would just prefer that I run away from griefers with my tail between my legs. If rockstar thinks there is such a problem, then why didn't they make any PvE free roam servers? Then the grinders could grind their little hearts away and the rest of us could have fun living with the consequences of PvP


Two days is ridiculously long, but it doesn't end there. While in bad sport you can be given extra days of bad sport for absolutely no reason. I was given an extra day for being kicked from a game for absolutely no reason. I literally had not killed or annoyed a single person.

The punishment doesn't end after the two days. If you just happen to accidently blow up a persons car (lets face it it happens) you can be immediately sent back to bad sport for another two days. It's a hole that is almost impossible to get out of if you don't completely stop playing for two days.

The two day punishment is already too much. The fact that you remain 1 car kill away from going back after you get out is just ridiculous. Your slate should be wiped clean once you escape bad sport, especially since its already almost impossible to do that.


Looks like Rockstar has become a HighSchool Principal and we've all become the highschool students. I am a grown ass man who has paid REAL money for a game I can't even play the way I FUCKING WANT TO. Wtf is that? Whats next, buying food that I cant eat my way? This is a terrible slippery slope and Rockstar, you're going to piss a lot of people off this way. To add insult to injury you make BAD SPORTS wear a stupid dunce hat?? That's not clever and not even funny, it makes me want to grab me GTA disc and throw it like a Frisbee and shoot at it, and after I shoot at it beat it down with a baseball bat into a million pieces and pick up the tiny pieces and shove it down the throat of whichever one of you "smart" fuckers came up with the idea. This isn't PSN HOME or Second life or any one of those cheesy ass real world SIMS games. This is GTA, please keep it that way, I expect to get down and dirty with this game. If people don't want to get killing, just make a friendly mode like on RDR, why the fuck is that so hard?


I dont get it they pay for your car and that should be the end. You can get a new car and go do a mission woth ypur friends in 10 mins where as being a bad sport is like being in jail. There are constantly dudes shooting my windows woth tanks i never go outside and no one does missions, all because you can shoot somepne in the back of the head in an adder sp it blew up after 2 clips of the ap pistol and im on timeout its such a broken system.
I think you should still be able to do missions with your friends pr
Have them be able tp join bad sports like why not ypu cant kill eachpther in missions

An to anyone who says its good clearly it has yet to wrong you but it will.


If you dont like being killed by players or have your car blown up by players then join a Solo Lobby. Or play single player. Or play a game that isnt GTA.

GTA has always been about this. So GTA online should continue the theme. Instead we get some bubble wrapped crap designed for kids who shouldnt be buying this game anyway.


This bad sport is over the top. I get what you were trying to do Rockstar, and I LOVE GTA 5! It just gets frustrating when it doesn't allow you to play with your friends. Which is one of the main reasons I play GTA 5. If you continue this bad sports lobby, I believe it should be "In game time" and not real time. It would be way quicker and make me personally a lot less frustrated. Love GTA and Rockstar, just trying to offer some friendly criticism.


There HAS to be something done about this... shorten the time, or dont make it for vehicles... Making people who quit missions a bad sport after a while seems fine to me, but what the fuck, blowing up a vehicle? Thats the game. Why can we blow them up if were going to get in trouble for it anyways? The whole thing is just dumb.


My friends and I were having a war with each other using mini uzis and persona vehicles and every time the car ended up blowing up after 2 mini uzi mags were shot into the car which is just bullshit and now im a bad sport for messing around with friends? What the fuck is this? If this doesnt get removed im selling the game


What the fuck... this game makes me so angry, i crashed my plane and my bad sport went from one day back to two because i commited suicide? really???? wtf is this crap


I mean seriously the amount of times sum1s tried to run me over when im minding my own business or started chasing me in cars and i let off a just a few shots and 1 hits the gas tank and boom, usually that would be awesome but no now i have to play with retards that dont do missions which is what i do 80% of the time. and rockstar be like "lets all play nice and do drive
by hugs on eachother". I must be a groupie cus I'm getting fked repeatedly by rockstar.


No i just played too much of the GTA series, and the GTA5 single player. I thought that this experience would be translated to multiplayer. I was wrong. Half of the sweet stuff we have been given is useless.

Just make a racing car game Rockstar, that seems to be your new thing. Because aside from tanks and attack heli's, this game is only good for saving up for flash cars.

Bad sport for blowing up a car. This is NOT GTA


@Wulfingo You and others on your side of the fence, keep referring to Bad Sports as "Lunatics". I would like to remind you that this is a video game. I for one am not a lunatic in real life. I dont kill people or blow up cars.

However when i purchase a video game, (with multiplayer) that for over 10 years has been about killing people and blowing up cars. I expect to be able to kill players and blow up their cars.

Honestly, other than combat its just about races and saving up fake money to buy flash gear. If thats what your into, get a life. Make some real money, buy a real car and parade around the real city.

Im here to do something i cant do in real life.

Also with all the money glitches out there what is the point anyway ? All this game has to offer is player combat in an open and free world. But they took that away.


Banning you to certain servers for being a bad sport is dumb. Now I cant find any good races or death matches. This makes GTA online stale. Guess I'm gonna trade the game in and get A different game.


@Wulfingo, @davey199, @Cass1986 and any other faggots,
It seems that everyone on here that supports the bad sport system has the same pathetic cries, "I'm tired of people killing me and blowing up my car." My question is: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING IN A PUBLIC SESSION THEN? What's the difference between a public session and a private session? THE PUBLIC SESSION CONTAINS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE THAT CAN KILL YOU WHILE THE PRIVATE SESSION DOESN'T. You know those 5 other session options under "Go" you see before going to gta online? PICK ONE. You little diaper babies don't have to join a session with a bunch of random kids that can kill you. Problem solved. Now to address the other problem, the Bad Sports system. This system wouldn't be a problem to me if it didn't ban people from doing anything with their friends even in a CLOSED SESSION. The bad sports system is also broken. If someone is in a tank you can simply ram into them a few times with your personal vehicle and make them a bad sport. Everything else about the bad sport system seems fine. I like the dunce cap. I wish I could fucking buy it and wear it all the time.


I'm too young for this game? Idk man I'd say the guy who spends most of his time commenting on here and crying about how he got killed in a video game might be the one who's too young for the game... Seriously guy you have like 50 comments on here, you're trying too hard. You and the other .01% of gta online players that are scared to die in a video game need to play in private sessions and stop crying, okay lil buddy? Why should I or my friends have to become bad sports just so we can play the damn game together? I bet you're one of those faggots that joins public sessions just to spam invite people to missions or races because you have no friends. Don't bother replying because I skimmed threw these comments and have seen some of the dumb shit you've said so I automatically deem everything you say invalid. Also I'm probably not gonna be replying again because I honestly have better shit to do so feel free to voice your pointless opinion. By all means waste more time on here we all know you're not doing anything else with it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


BAD SPORT FOR DEFENDING YOURSELF AGAINST TROLLS AND CERTAIN DEATH!????? HUH!? I guess I should just let them continually spawn SLAUGHTER, not kill, me..... And Rockstar just gave up on returning lost characters?? What's the point of cloud saving then? We should have just been able to save locally! The purpose of cloud saving is so data won't get corrupted, like on a local storage device!! Even if the recovery has been given up on, why can't we get compensated to an amount more around two million dollars?? Not an in significant amount like advertised, which is a fraction of the total amount of money made. Seriously, 250-500k is like two days work for a regular player of a decently high level....!