Idea: Stop punishing people for the destruction of vehicles and death

Stop punishing both sides, the attackers and their victims.

At least in free roam.

Attackers shouldn't owe anything to the dead. Neither should they be labelled "bad sports" for their actions in free roam. If they drop out of races to avoid a loss or team-kill more than 3 times in a team match, sure, they deserve the "bad sport" label.

Victims shouldn't have to fork over cash for being harassed by another player. The medical bills get too damn high! They also shouldn't have to pay so much to get back a car that will probably be blown up again minutes after taking it out for a spin.

Free roam could be really fun to muck about in. But as it stands right now it's annoying to both predator and prey.

We need the same mentality for online that was supposedly the design philosophy for story mode, "Focus on fun."


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wes_burns im sorry man but when you get up past level 70 or so you get bored with doing missions. I like to play every part of the game and this includes free roam. now at level 70 you can purchase a tank. personally after having spent one and a half million dollars on it I like to drive it without fear of being labeled as a "bad sport" just because so idiot rammed their car into me or some guy with a bounty got in his car or because a player is throwing grenades at me from their car. what am I supposed to do? Not drive my one and a half million dollar vehicle?


Cunts who ruin the fun for others by destroying their cars should get punished even harder if u ask me! Go play CoD, there u can kill and destroy everything on sight


Keep bad sport for some cases. Some guy was level 84 last night in a tank and killed me and my friends over 50 times within minutes.


The entity super car i have, blown up 3 times when i left it to go in a shop, i dont hunt people down randomly and kill them, i dont blow there cars up.. yet in space of 10 minutes i lost 30k because everytime someone blows my car up they pay like a petty $500 and i have to pay $9500....


Wes_Burns, when you put it that way, it actually makes sense.

As things are it seems that public free roam is setup to be the place where the degenerates spend their lives. Looking at it that way, maybe this is the way it was meant to be.


Levo18, I think free roam should still be a place that's full of nut jobs blowing shit up for fun, but I agree that currently the chances of them getting their comeuppance and it mattering to them is overwhelmingly low.

That's why I submitted this other idea previously:

Combining these two ideas would solve a lot of problems on both sides. There wouldn't be the constant barrage of harassment and player killing. There might actually be chances for a person to escape death from an assailant out to simply "murder the player marker".


there are quick ways to make money and rp too, away from the street crimes you just gotta find them