Reporting OP Players using glitches

On XBL I have a friend who has been using the motorcycle selling glitch to make ridiculous amounts of money and making himself incredibly OP. I've reported him on XBL but nothing is happening so is there a way that Rockstar can nerf his account? His name is "XxMONKEYBOYYxX".


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Rockstar, just have some balls and take your losses. You were responsible for this, and if you reset or ban people who have been reported for using this glitch, you should ban the hundreds of thousands of people who used this. Otherwise it's not fair either.

And if you do that, you can be sure that you will loose even more customers or get more unhappy customers because it will be the 3th or 4th time that people have to restart BECAUSE OF YOUR MISTAKES.


Wow lol no fucking way your gonna do this to your own friend. I'm gonna tell your friend About this


I don't see how these people are worse than the replay abusers?

Both are exploiting, if anything the replay abusers were worse, not only did they make tons of money, they also leveled up insanely fast. If they go after this exploit and not the replay exploiters that would be BS.

I don't care if some guy has 20M at level 20 and a garage full of adders, but if he is level 150+ he now has access to tons of high level weapons that are light years out of legit players hands. It's a joke.


If you play regularly with the guy, you're still a prick. How is he hurting your game at all, other than making you feel jealous? It doesn't make his bullets instantly kill you. It doesn't make his car go a million miles an hour.

Him getting money hurts you in no way. You are just a petty person, who feels invalidated of his own achievements based on what someone unrelated to them is doing. You are pathetic.


If I saw my friend abusing a certain glitch, I would ask them how they did it. Then proceed to do it.


You're just a bitch. What I want to know is what these Rockstar dick riders think of money packs. Is that an exploit too?! Idiot.


The more I read of this thread the more I think a lot of you did the exploit for whatever reason and are trying to justify it after the fact in the hopes you don't get reset. Blaming it on rockstar for your character being reset? Well rockstar told you it would be bumpy, and some common sense should have told you that character deletion in a game like this is possible.

I'm for a ban on all exploiters, or at least grouping them all together. The exploit crowd isn't ever going to buy in game currency so I don't think you would lose much revenue banning these players. Removing these players from the general player pool will allow users that do not exploit a more even playing field, dealing with the small percentage of players who seek a monetary advantage through micro transactions rather than a growing number of people using exploits.


jesus a "friend" your a prick not a friend. on another note, i agree all people using bike/car glitch need to have cash stripped.


People complain about glitches and exploits, but none of them can be bothered reporting a player for using them?
What kind of world do we live in?


@Rockstar Banning/resetting people is just ridiculous! Some have just used this to get to the rank that they have lost multiple of times. Instead of doing this just warn them or patch. Don't let this sh*t become like GTA IV where there are modders around & you did 0 sh*t to fix it. You should of at least waited at least a month to release the multiplayer feature. Now we all have to deal with this bullsh*t.


@pancake getting millions of dollars through exploiting is hardly getting back anything you lost. I've heard people in game talking about how they've gotten millions through exploits. Without stacking money on the stock market I don't know of any way to legitimately have millions at this point unless you're literally no lifing it. I have gotten near 2 million total through legitimate means and I play a lot. Some people could get more but... having way more than that? Yeah...


I have a fiend named McMungeGuff, Im reporting him for being a snitch and being rediculously jealous. I Believe he is way OP and I tried reporting him several times but he still doesnt seem to go away.


It's pretty amazing to me that some of you think replaying a mission numerous times using an option rockstar initially implemented in the game is the same thing or worse as using the Los santos customs glitch.

Furthermore those trying to make a philosophical debate about how rockstar somehow has no right to ban people for a money exploit because they plan on selling those shark cards need to stop grasping at straws.

Rockstar is a business and they have the right to monetize their product, that they stand to make money off cash cards is not a green light for anyone to exploit a glitch and get free In game money. I'm stunned anyone would sincerely believe otherwise.

Personally I hope they just group all the cheaters together, let them spend their time griefing each other.