GTA V for xbox 360 keeps freezing on load up

The problem i'm having is that my GTA V keeps freezing on the load up screen, basically i stick the disc in, press play game, screen goes black and the clip of the stars and police sirens play and then it freezes! this is really frustrating me now, its not the disc as its clean and not scratched and also I've tried my flat mates GTA disc and i still get the same problem, does anyone have any advice please? will be very much appreciated!!! cheers!


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I've had the same issues. Started on Sunday, 10/12 and now won't even get past the R* loading screen.


I had same problem - disc 1 install disc worked fine done it's job. But the disc 2 play disc was my problem kept freezing on sirens wouldn't load. I tried to install disc 2 on hard drive but only went to 49% then came up as bad disc ( clean disc and retry ) but nothing wrong with disc. I solved my puzzle by getting a friends working disc 2 installing that on the hard drive put my dodgy disc in and it worked. Hopefully this helps you. Don't need to get a flash stick I did that didn't work.


You must delete the game from you hard drive
Go purchase a 32 gb 2.0 usb storage device
Then install the istall disk to that device
That should free up your issues entirly .
Have a good day :)


Hi guys thanks for all your responses! I tried working it on my flat mates console and it asked for an update, which I clicked yes, this has now solved the freeze!


I'm having the same problems. However, my crashes / freezes are not limited to load up, the game will (occasionally) load but will freeze at random points. I've tried everything recommended, even purchasing a high speed 32GB memory stick and installing to that but i'm experiencing the same problems over and over and over. I've had GTAV for over a week now and i've been able to play maybe 10 mins. Unbelieveable.


For some reason my Xbox keeps freezing every time I try to join GTA online and sometimes on the Xbox start up screen. When I try to get to the system cache to fix it and reinstall GTA V it freezes everytime. I've taken out the hard drive and put It back in but it still freezes. It's a Xbox slim so it shouldn't be crashing on GTA online. Any help please? I've tried asking Microsoft but they are always unavailable.


My Online actually works perfectly. it's the story mode that crashes and then starts giving me the error when it loads and then loads forever to simply go back to the R* screen. It's super weird. I clean the cache and get back to it in an hour or two and then it works for hours in online but maybe 10 mins in story mode.


Hi I have exactly the same problem, freezing up on loading screen or as first scene of the game loads, please help


I'm having the same problems. Did what you guys said, de-installed the game, then installed it again. Worked fine after that. The next day when I wanted to play - the same happened again. Do I have to de-install the game and install it again every time I want to play?


I dont have the money to get another hard drive, I've deleted everything ! & tried to re install with no luck it's really annoying ! tried 2 discs & the same thing !!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGHHH


I have the same problem nothing wrong with disc straight out of packet. Re-installed game 3times but nothing tried cleaning my hard drive no luck... I have 241GB free space so that's not the issue.... Please help!!!! keen to try this game out sick of watching other people play it on youtube.


I've gone through every possible walk through with the arcade the elite and the slim and also 2 differant copies of gta 5 for xbox I'm getting fed up with this shit I've spent over 500 dollars on this shit. And I've been with gta since the first gta even fucking London which hardly anyone knows about. 2 of my boxes are completely shot now and the slim is an epic fail but still works with other things on a 250 gig hard drive. How ya gunna sell something. I'm not an idiot. I'm tech savvy but this shit is fucking my head up and my fucking wallet raw. You wanted to know if none of it works well it fuckin don't. What the fucks the problem? I won't even fucking be able to sign in to get my fucking stimulus package. I'm irate as fuck. And don't even start about "use decent language" cuz I don't bitch like all these whiners about framer ate and graphics. The game itself it's fucking great if you bitch about that go design your fucking own little bitch. I just want it to fucking work slow or not. My time and money's been spent on rockstar. More than any other game company. And this is the fist issue I'd like if you could resolve it.

-Rydge mr pinky


i think it's pretty obvious that nothing is wrong with our consoles. i've tried playing other games too n they work perfectly fine. i've done all the troubleshooting suggestions without any success, nothing works. n also i don't think we should have to go out n spend more money on a usb stick just to play the game. the game already cost $65!! games r expensive!! if people r gonna spend that kind of money on a product that ----- better work flawlessly!! rockstar has a lot of nerve to even suggest that buying another storage device is a possible solution. some people have bought a usb stick n it still doesn't work!! look i know there are certain problems to be expected with a game like this because it is so complex n there is so much to do in it, but the bottom line is people payed good money for this game n we don't want to have to deal with this crap. n to further my point, these problems r aren't just happening on xbox it's happening on ps3. that means its not the consoles that r the problem it's the game itself. the game is messed up!! some people haven't even got to play it since it came out!! that's ridiculous!! gta 5 has already made well over $1 billion dollars worldwide. u mean to tell me that with that kind of money rockstar can't come up with a solid solution to fix these problems, rather than just "suggestions" that don't even work?! with that kind of money they should have people working around the clock to fix this n they should of had it fixed weeks ago. that just tells me that rockstar doesn't care about its customers or members. they don't care they already got their money n they're not worried about our complaints.


rockstar is so full of -----. they released a broken game plain n simple. i've been doing a lot of research n it seems like everyone is having problems trying to play the game. i've done all the walkthroughs to try n fix it n nothing works. n it doesn't seem to be working for anyone else either. the problem is rockstar -----ed up n released this piece of ----- monstrosity that doesn't even work n they probably knew it wasn't gonna work. i hope these mother-----s get sued in a class action law suit for this broke down piece of ----- they sold to the public.


I justput the install disc first then i put on the play disc saves time installing and reinstalling i know its better and faster just an extra step you have to take thanks to rockstars horibble production.


Hey guys try putting the play disc in going to the game details and reinstaling it but still have the old copys of the installment friend did this no idea if it was just luck or not but still try it


@sonovapritch I'm having the same problems. However, my crashes / freezes are not limited to load up, the game will (occasionally) load but will freeze at random points. I've tried everything recommended, even purchasing a high speed 32GB memory stick and installing to that but i'm experiencing the same problems over and over and over. I've had GTAV for over a week now and i've been able to play maybe 10 mins. Unbelieveable.

The same happened to me, let me know if you find a fix.


Could somebody please help? I have downloaded gta v download disc on to my usb but on the play disc it freezes during the loading and pictures. Really frustrated.


gta online is broken wont load freezing up and if this breaks my xbox you buying me a new one


A quick story if you will humor me... When I was a young boy, around 10 years old, I was very poor and so were my friends. One week at school all of the kids were on a Voltron kick. (Remember the individual robot transformers that would form together to make a giant robot?) One of the more fortunate kids in my class who was anything but poor, had each individual character that made up the entire robot. Collectively, my friends and I were each lucky to have 1 or 2 of the individual transformers a piece. It took a few days, but we were finally able to form the giant robot, though many of our Voltron characters were warn out second hand. The robot wouldn't stay together like it was supposed to, so 5 of us had to each keep our hands on the robot to hold it together. The more fortunate kids were really enjoying their Voltron and we were made fun of for our second hand shoddy Voltron. The morale of this story is... GTAV is like a second hand, warn down, poor kid's shoddy Voltron. Ok, so here's what happened.. The Xbox one release date being so close to the launch of GTAV meant one thing to Rockstar... "HURRY!" Had the game launched after Xbox one, sales wouldn't have been as significant. So, rather than take the time to encounter an obvious bug and fix the game before release, they shoved it out the door anyway. Presently, Rockstar doesn't plan on launching GTAV for the X1. They wanted to milk this last little bit of 360 shelf life and make sure everyone bought it before questioning the value of doing so with the X1 around the corner. What gets me even more is how Rockstar recommends 8 different steps that are necessary to get the game to work, including buying an external storage device for it as if $65 wasn't enough. It's like I need 4 or 5 friends holding my damn Xbox game together to play it. So, boys and girls, enjoy your shoddy second and Voltron! How about an update Rockstar? What's the best game in the world if you can't play it?! FIX IT!


I think I have the solution. Download Disk 2's data onto another flash drive (16GB should work).
So put DISK 2 into your Xbox console.
Go to your dashboard and where the CD is located press X which is for Game Details
Then press "Install Game"
Install to the empty flash drive then your done.
REMEMBER: You must not press the play icon where the CD is located. Press X then press play. This allows you to play off the flash drive.

Hope this helped!


Thanks! That system cache clearing worked for me :)
My game started fine and didn't crash while playing. But when I tried to load my safefiles it freezed every time :/ Well not anymore, thanks :)



  1. Power up your console
  3. Press the Button in the middle of your xbox controller (The Big Button with an X on it in the middle)
  4. press on "Xbox Home"
  5. Then Start your game up
  6. It will ask you to sign in, Sign it ;D
  7. Then your done :D

Hope this helped :D


For me gta only works without internet connection. If I want to play I have to pull out the internet cable. If I plug it back in while playing, the game freezes.


this worked for me
1. Take disc out of xbox
2. unplug xbox overnight
3. Turn xbox on
4. Clear system cache 3 times
5. clean off disc and it should be good
Hope this helped


Mine was running fine until i removed the hard drive and just put it back didnt do anything more than that.
First time ever gave me problems, hung each time at load screen where you can chose online mode of story.

Then i just turned of the console removed the hard drive again and then put it back and that seemed to work.