GTA V "Kicked by other players" is labelling me as a 'bad sport'

I have now been kicked from a session twice. I have no idea why the kick occurred, maybe I was in another crew's session.

The kicking isn't such a big problem, what is distressing me is that when I log back into GTA Online, I am told I am being a bad sport.

Is this a bug. Can it be fixed? I shouldn't be labelled a bad sport simply because I was kicked from a server.


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I do not understand why is okay for other players to repeatedly attack and kill my player and they are not labeled a bad sport. But if I lose internet connection or if I am kicked from a session by the other players I am warned that I am going to be labeled as a bad sport. If we are supposed to Attact each other that is fine. I can defend myself just fine. But don't punish me cause my internet connection had a glitch.


I think R* have to look into this !!! i have this alot lately .. i start a invite only session we did a mission completed it went back to a session and within 10sec kicked ?? when there was only me and 2 friends and 1 other dude ?? so how can i be kicked ??!? I think they have to remove the kicking its useless ..why kick when u can start closed or on invite only session.. if u join a random session i understand u get shot at its GTA but getting kicked for no reason is lame !!!


This has happened to me about half a dozen times now at least. Once I joined on a friend's game and was kicked within 30 seconds. Another time I was kicked mid mission. I think they made a mistake allowing players to kick other players. It's bad enough we need to hear them cry when we kill them but do we really need to get kicked as well? It's not my fault their Pampers are wet.


I have been kicked a few times just last night, and it was when I was getting ammo or a tattoo .. basically minding my own business... !!
I have no idea even on HOW to kick another player, so I hope it is just a glitch in the connection as others have stated.
One thing I did do.. I quit ALL the crews I was in, there may have been players who see a crew name and just want to kick becaus3 they see another crew's name? All I know that since I don't have any crew "tag" next to my name I haven't been kicked.


So are ROckstar gonna fix this cos right now theres absolutely no point playing online when i get kicked every session I go in


Unless you get bad sport a few dozen times you won't be a bad sport, to get labeled as a bad sport you must consistently be a bad sport. You can check your current rating when you go to a mission then "View Joined Player Info" and see your rating on the right hand side.

Even after going on several rampages and getting warned I have a good sport rating, you must have done some massive rampages and destroyed a ton of personal cars or left missions to get a bad sport rating if it says it there.


I'm still a good sport. It's just that I seem to be getting kicked a lot and worry that I might end up on the bad sport servers. Good to know it takes a lot to end up there, but I'd still like being kicked to not affect your rating in that way at all.


Same thing happen to me. This is more likely a connection issue to the point where you lose a p2p for a certain user and the server kicks you out.


I agree. I havent destroyed a ton of cars either. I would say I have destroyed easily less than 20, but I get kicked all the time in races. Mainly because I am a high level so people are automatically intimidated. Now I am a Bad sport, and all my friends aren't.....Frustrating.


Same here, I was literally the only person in the session and was kicke out by "other players" then I tried to join another with 4-6 people in it and again I was kicked immediately and I can't even get in a game


I was kicked three times last night for NO reason

And the most annoying part is that Rockstar send you back to SINGLE player mode..

What the hell is that point of that?

If we do get kicked (which we shouldn't be anyway since its a bug) then send us to another server not so single Player

SO frustrating.


This is definitely being abused. I was just in a session doing my own thing when three t**ts shot me down and destroyed my vehicle, then I got into a shooting match with them, after a bit of tit for tat I got away but they kept coming back, but in the end I was nailing them.. and then they kicked me. That really sucks. They dealt it, but couldn't take it back, I got kicked and no doubt they went on to hassle someone else.


I joined a session, went from my garage to my phone to check some things out, was kicked <5 mins into session for being a 'bad sport.' Its a huge waste of time to log in/out of online when you don't do anything. I haven't quit jobs or missions, I don't hunt down other players, and yet I get booted twice for nothing. Too much power for idiots to possess. Just let playas play.


They really do need to look into this. Its killing me i can't game online because of this. They released patch 1.04 without even trying to fix this issue. They blame it on our routers and stuff. I've opened every port on my router from here to japan and I still get kicked. I've used my DMZ, i've power cycled my router. I've connected directly to the freaking modem. I've done it all and nothing works. ROCKSTAR OPEN YOUR FREAKIN EYES AND SEE THAT THERE IS A BUG THAT IS CAUSING US THE INABILITY OF ENJOYING GTA: ONLINE.


"kicked by other players" is definitely a bug. The real issue here as I see it is that when this happens, it resets all of your JP, and removes any extra weapons you have worked to get, such as crate drop minigun, or rocket launcher. The JP is the kicker here. There are times when I get this kick bug multiple times in an hour, when I'm trying to earn cash and level. The extra RP from the JP is lost over and over. At least a formal address to the major bug issues with an official update would be nice...and professional...


Does anyone what criteria there is for a player to kick another player. If any person can do it at anytime, that's the real problem. Especially when you get into bounties.


its gotta be a bug because I got booted from the game I was playing and id only just returned from doing a mission theres too many people complaining for it not to be classed as a bug.


I played for a bunch of hours yesterday, and now, I can't even play because players just kick you out of the game, as soon as you drop in, you are kicked, for no reason it seems. Not to mention that I'm a "good sport", but everytime I try to log onto a server, it says you quit out of a mission and if you keep doing that you'll be labeled as a good sport. It's honestly a bunch of shit, being kicked from a game for what seems to be no reason. Isn't the whole point of GTA V Online to play with a bunch of people, who may kill you or chase you down, regardless of whether or not they are on your friends list?

Glitch or no glitch, R* needs to modify players kicking other players and remove the option all together. IF players want to play with their friends then set up a game for your friends. IF you don't want to be open season for other players, then set up passive mode. There are options.


This has just started happening to me as well. Most recently I was doing a race and finished last but still finished because I'm a good sport about it, pun not intended. And after I finish before the voting and like/dislike screen even has a chance to come up it says I was kicked from a game with all friends. This is a pretty big issue. Idk how rockstar will ever make it up to me.... cough another 100 grand cough haha


When I got on today, not even one minute into the session I get gunned down by some roaming player. I didn't even take revenge, I just got the hell out of there and instead of finding safety, two more players showed up and hose me down. I finally escaped from those three after being spawn killed over and over by finding an airplane and driving it in the air. Right after flying it in the air and over the three annoying players, I get kicked out of the session by other players?!?!?! So it's all cool to kill the same player over and over, giving him no chance to run away and the one time he does, he's awarded with being kicked out by those very same players?!?!?! Thanks Rockstar, I really do love playing online like this, with the whole giving annoying players a new way to piss others off by constantly killing them and kicking them off after having their fun just so they can probably target another player. Yeah, really fun...


I get kicked a lot by other players as well. Usually when I have a winning streak other players go on a whining streak and prolly use it. Not very well thought trhrough....


it happened to me a couple of times. But i have a friend, new in the game (since the friends gave hime the game from his birthday) that gets kicked with reason from our private sessions. When we are in a crew session, and no one kicks him.

I think is a bug,


This is the exact same problem i've been having. Just recently I was just driving to the airport and I had been on the session for a solid 15 minutes, then out of nowhere i was kicked by other players. When i logged back on (which took three tries) it said that I needed to finish the missions I started or I would be a bad sport. I hadn't even started or done any missions! obviously this is a problem that needs to get fixed


This keeps happening to me so much so now that I've decided to get rid of gta v I know I do not have a connection problem as my stepson plays the same game in the same house but recently it keeps happening to me but has never happened to him, it all started when I joined a deathmatch with a group from another clan I heard them say they were gonna kick me because I think they wanted to do the deathmatch just between themselves since then I cannot get into any games at all. Also for the past few days I have noticed that there are only ever two different vehicles in whichever session I'm in they usually change from session to session but rarely do I see three different types of vehicles anywhere on the map sometimes none at all so this tells me it's definitely a bug the fact R* are not trying to or even going to fix this has made my mind up to get rid and never buy R* products again I am sure losing my money will not put a dent in their wallets but hey ho I will feel richer for knowing they ain't getting s**t outa me


Please remove the kick off option from GTA V Online multiplayer, people are using all the time, including for reasons of prejudice.

Huge Fan since 1997 from GTA PC


I'm having this issue too, just randomly kicked while trying to start a mission. I'm just working on leveling, not even out killing anyone at all. Are they pissed at the Job Invites? I got a warning saying I would be labeled a Bad Sport for leaving a Job, but i never got the Job started as I was kicked when i initiated the invites.


Im having the same problem now a guy killed me for my car couldnt get it killed my 5 times and when I killed him I got told I was kicked rock* need to sort this!!!!!


Same here .... I get the kicked by other player message a few times a day ... Not sure if im actually kicked then becaus it often happens seconds after joining a session so i asume its a bug... dunno... I can live with that anyway, because it happens 3 or 4 times in the few hours i play in the evening so its not that bothersome but does need to be fixed. But the past week when i join a new session after getting the kicked by other player message i get a Bad sport warning for leaving a mission while i wasnt even in a mission when i got kicked but in free roam. Fix this please ... the bad sport system is stupid to begin with specially when you get badsport for doing NOTHING wrong !


Kicking is really annoying, its starting to make me not want to play online anymore. I just finished a mission and a bounty was set on me for stealing a random cpu's car and had an online player chase after me with a failed attempt to collect the bounty on my character, soon after I escaped I was "kicked out of session by other players"...I'm not sure if this was the reason but it's definitely an annoyance that's making me want to play something else