Character Saving Delays in GTA Online

We have received some reports about cash and RP not saving on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA Online since around 5PM ET on 10/18/13, and are investigating this now. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please subscribe here:

It looks like there is just a delay in the saving, not a loss of progress. Thank you for your patience as we continue to look into and correct this issue.

Brian B

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Thank you all for your patience through the weekend. Our teams here are still investigating this issue, and as soon as we have a full update we'll be sure to post on this thread.

Brian B

12 hours ago (from this post) you mentioned it's a delay in saving, not a loss of progress and it should only take a few hours... Like I said that was mentioned 12 hours ago.

I fear my progress is lost, roughly 2+ levels and around $150,000+

But I guess it's okay because Rockstar is "kindly" giving us $500,000 which with a lot of people might be a net profit of what? $50,000 total? And a net loss of A LOT of character progress.

That and then when we finally do receive the money and another patch comes out maybe we'll be fortunate enough to have that money deleted from our profiles as well!

Thumbs up Rockstar, you certainly are fixing the game breaking bugs like missions giving too much money. (Clean the Cat House - from a $3,000 job down to $1,500? Insanely smart balancing on these missions guys!)


I'm a middle aged gamer. Compared to many gamers out there I'm patient and reasonable. However, I am getting really fed up with the shitty below-par beta feel of the whole online game and though I have previously held R* in high regard, I am starting to become slightly sceptical about R* nerfing cash making ability while telling us that they care, are fixing stuff and aren't trying to push us to buy in-game cash.

If I feel this way, many younger/less patient gamers will have or will be moving on soon. R* sort this huge mess out, you could be killing that golden egg laying goose otherwise. Or have you made so much from V already that you really don't care anymore?


you guys dont even know whats wrong with your shitty broken game, each "patch" or update as you will, is more based around controlling the flow of money and who it comes from (you via cash packs) rather than trying to fix the game ruining bugs


Please re-confirm your earlier statement. Is our money and RP coming back? It's the weekend guys, you need to let us know if we can safely play. 17 hours of no comment is not acceptable.


Congratulations, you've officially patched this game to the point where it is now unplayable. Do you plan on introducing backward flying dragons in the next "fix"?


Please Rockstar, just answer these simple questions.

Should we be going in to GTA Online and doing stuff, or not? Will what we do be lost, or not? Will one session overwrite a previous sessions progress, or not?

In short, should we hold off from going in and out of GTA Online, or not?

Please answer.


So you claim that this is a delay in saved progress, but that doesn't really explain what is going to happen to those of us who say played two or more different sessions during the saving blackout. As a programmer I find it remarkable that you could make the claim that data is not being lost. So far it seems like you wouldn't know the ass end of donkey from a keyboard, let alone what is actually happening with our saves. For example I just loaded my character for a fourth test sessions to see if these glitches are gone, he now appears to be in some mixed state of three previous sessions, cash is from the second lost session, clothing from the third and RP from from the first. None of this seems to indicate that all will just "be ok" in a few hours. Also why no response it's been much longer than three hours? Why not be honest? You have one of the largest most devoted fan bases of any gaming company and I think it would go along way us and your PR if you would be a little more transparent. I'm not asking for a miracle here but no post in 24 hours of breaking a game is not transparency and not acceptable by any means.


It's funny how much every server side issue leads players to lose something.

I have sold a car, car not there anymore, but cash gone. Forever?

All my progress and cash made 7+ hours ago is gone.

Please, concentrate on fixing these huge issues before anything else (like reducing payouts or things like that).

This is sad, the game is awesome, but losing some things and having to spend more and more time to get them back because you reduced ways to make legit money is not fun.


So..... Here's my two bits...

First of all, compliments on GTA V in general. It's a fabtastic game, the storymode is the best I have seen from you so far (despite the slightly overzealous pigs), the graphics and the physics are marvelous and the multiple character idea is a stroke of genius. I am, in story mode, having an absolute blast with this game, so much so, I find it eating up time I should be spending running my two IRL companies.

However, the online bit... though it has lots of potential, is becoming a major fail... will it be reason for me not to buy the DLCs when they come? No. Will it stop me from buying the next installment in a few years? No. But it is testing my patience, and my faith in R*, you guys are one of only two gameproducers I buy games from, and I am used to expect the best from you. This is the first time I have chosen to check the online bits... It took me, like many stories you've already seen, 2 weeks to get online proper, I have been trying hard to progress in the online world after having completed the storymode at least 4 times, and I have lost, looking at my social club stats, way more than I find acceptable due to your programming or server failures. I truly hope you are paying close attention to what the community is telling you, undo some of the changes you've made, sort out the problems that you are facing, and get this show running properly.

You won;t see me calling you names, or shouting or threatening to abandon you, because I want to believe you guys are doing all you can, not to mention that those behaviors, besides being as offensive as your failures, reflect poorly on those customers who feel the need to express themselves in such a manner. But honestly, I don;t know how much longer I will have the patience to maintain my composure... So, to work chaps, to work, get this sorted


I'm sorry Rockstar, but this "patch"was the shittiest patch in history. It nerfed missions really badly, fixed problems that I never knew existed, and finally it just fucked me out of progressing my character in GTA Online. Thanks a lot.


Still broken as fuck , lost 8 levels and they wont be recovered. Such bullshit.Fix this shit and give everyone 5 free ranks or something , I didn't grind my ass off on criminal records for 4 hours to get reset you fucks....


Okay, nine hours later and my money and RP still haven't updated. What exactly constitues a "few" hours?

Here is what happened to me:
1:00 AM GMT: Joined online, had $14470 in my pocket and $297666 in the bank. Did an hours racing and stuff, accumulating RP and around $50,000. Then I "lost connection to GTA online" at the start of a race and was booted back to story mode.

Rejoined Online mode, had $14470 in my pocket and $297666 in the bank. Eh? Did my money not get saved when I lost connection? Did some more races and accumulated around $15,000. Then at the start of a race, as the cars pulled away I was "kicked by multiple players" back to story mode. I was NOT kicked, all the players in that section were crew members.

Rejoined Online mode, had $14470 in my pocket and $297666 in the bank. Arrggh!! Did a deathmatch and made some more money, then stopped playing at around 3:00 GMT.

Today, 11:00 GMT. I go online and guess what.. I have $14470 in my pocket and $297666 in the bank!!!




Can you give us some sort of estimate time as to when this will be fixed because clearly it has been over a "few hours".

Thank you.


Myself and five of my friends have also experienced this

I have noticed that it has also created a new car glitch too.

I came back from an attempted save and suspected that the mods that I had made to a vehicle may have saved even though the game did not. So I took a car to the Los Santos Customs and added some mods. I then saved out and came back. The mods had saved although nothing else had, including all my money showing as unspent.

I went back one more time to test my results, I also asked a friend to assist me by trying it out as well, to which he kindly agreed. Our results repeated my initial findings.

I then came directly here to report my findings.

The way I see it is if I as a middlaged man can come across this glitch, then surely younger people who are much more tech savvy than I will also find it, and may be tempted to exploit it. And to be quite frank we have had enough exploitation recently already.


Here is my problem. It is Saturday afternoon - the time I have set aside for playing GTAO. Do I play or not?

Whenever I go to an online session, money that I have previously banked is back in my pocket, so nothing SEEMS to be saving.

I went and bought some clothes in order for my character avatar to look different on the Social Club page. When I log back in, my character is in his old clothes and the new clothes are not in his wardrobe. But when I look at the bank transaction history, the money for those clothes WAS deducted!

This is all impossibly difficult to work with, so I feel like I am losing my weekend gaming time to these bugs that were introduced in v1.04. Why not release updates at the beginning of the week so we people who work/have schools only lose a few evenings gaming, rather than doing it just before the weekend.

So, I will ask for the THIRD TIME... is it safe to play today, or not? Will whatever we do in the game accumulate, or will our actions in the most recent session overwrite stuff we did in older sessions?

If, say, I have $300,000 in my account and I buy an apartment, then I quit out by going to story mode (where it doesnt seem to save), and I go back into online and I don't have that flat but still have $300,000 in my account, what happens if I spend it on something else?

Do I keep the original apartment, because when the saves catch up the server will calculate that I didnt have the money for the subsequent transactions, or will the latest transactions wipe out what we did earlier?



Money has been reset three times since the 10-18-13 Update. Also have froze 4 times today also a new issue since the update.


This is absurd. First they we're late on my pre-order, then my single player started messing up but was able to complete it. Then Online came out, Took me three days just to start the stupid race with lumar. First go around, I froze at the race & it made me redo everything. Second go around, made it through the race but froze on the team deathmatch. Third go around, I completed the stupid thing after five days. Played for a few days, made it to level 22 & then lost EVERYTHING! So now on my fourth go around, made it to level 45, played for about 8 & half hours yesterday, earned over 500,000 dollars, leveled up to 54, bought a car, ect, ect. And after all of that work, the damn game wont save. Tried it over & over again. This is by far the worst launch I've every seen in the past 15 years of playing video games. And coming from Rockstar? This is very sad. Unless Rockstar can fix their shit a.s.a.p, I dont think I will be buying Rockstar games again. The game has a great concept but it's useless if nobody can play the game without having to restart or losing everything they have worked to get. Next time Rockstar, tell you investors they need to wait so you can release a product that's up to standard.


So who was the moron @ rock star that thought releasing a untested patch on a Friday was a good idea..that a$$ hat should be fired immediately....your q&a folks....fired.... Anyone that thought that not keeping everyone up to date for over 20 hours fired.... You are all a sick disgrace... Good luck contending with bf4 ..ghosts...creed and arkham... But then again you already got our money right? So the hell with us.... Disgusting..this will be the last game I that I have purchased that has anything to do with rockstar... I'm done.... 30 buck trade in at gamestop come Monday if this isn't fixed



Money and RP was starting to accumulate back in to my account, and on my social club page, so I thought "Ahh, the saves are starting to catch up".

But now even though I have spent only a little on clothes since these problems began, I have just dropped a level in RP and more than $50,000 just disappeared from my bank account!!

This is just total BS.

Rockstar, either just turn off online until you can sort out these problems, or tell affected users whether it is okay to play or not. Telling us "These saves should update in a few hours and no progress will be lost." doesn't seem to be helping much.


I'm now totally afraid to log in to GTA Online, but on my social club page my online characters RP and money seems to be going up and down like a Yoyo!

This is incredibly frustrating guys!


As it stands, this bug is just completely wasting my day, I might as well just write off playing GTA Online for the forseeable, FFS.


Really thinking about selling this game. It has been nothing but an irritation, R* you have completely failed all of your fans with this game. to be honest you should be fixing the bugs and quit messing with the balance of money. Then when you FINALLY fix the problems you should give out $1,000,000 to everyone and bump the mission payouts back up along with possibly bumping people's ranks up to what they were before you screwed everyone over. But you won't because you are incapable of doing the right thing.


It is still not saving fyi at 9:20 pm central on 10-19. This is affecting everyone I have talked too. It is not a small segment of ppl like your support messages seem to suggest.

Easy repro steps.

-Go into GTA Online
-Make any progress
-Enter Story mode to save progress (notice messages confirming auto-saving)
-Re-enter GTA Online.

Current Behavior: Notice that all progress has not been saved, contrary to the message the user was given when transitioning to story.
NOTES: This behavior is new. The title would normally save in this fashion before whatever broke, broke. Seems like it broke shortly after the patch was released. I did have some progress save in the moments after the patch was received. But not since 5 pm last night central approx...

I work in Dev QA for a triple A studio. Do you guys need help?


the silence is not helping rockstar... if youre going to fuck us at least look us in the face while you strap it on and lube it up...


Saving is still delayed as of 12.03pm GMT, Oct 19th. Any word on your progress at getting this fixed, R*?


Yeah so I've been playing black ops 2 all day and I haven't lost any guns or experience LOL why don't you guys call treyarch and Activision and learn how to make some fucking servers you worthless pieces of monkey shit. I thought Bernie Madoff was dead but apparently he runs rockstar now fucking greedy faggets wish cancer upon you all :)