How do I tell if the cloud servers are down?

I followed the instructions from their most recent update but it just takes me to the character creation screen. I have not seen ANYTHING in regards to the cloud servers being unavailable...just my same blank characters.

When I go to my crew from the pause menu, and click view crew members, and mine is grayed out and it says online and in session- do you think that means the cloud servers are down?


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The servers are up and running dude, check any gaming forum for a gtao thread, people are, and have been playing away all the time.


Same for me. Character missing since Saturday, but cloud servers have been online this whole time (I never received a message saying that they're down).

I could have created a new character and already passed the point that I reached with my old character if I knew that I'd have to wait this long to still only have the chance of getting my character back...


As far I know in order to check if the cloud servers are up or down you can do the followng (there is 2 way to check it)

-Go to GTA V (campaign) , press start (pause menu) > then go to Online , if you see Join Friends or Join Crew Members grayed out , it could means the CS are down

Same as above, but if you continue to GTA Online option and select it , in the right side of the menu you will read information regarding the CS are down

At least to me the steps above are very useful to see if CS are up or down.

Also I've noticed that when CS are down and Im in the campaign , sometime in the right bottom corner of the screen will appear the CS saving icon (the orange rotating one) and the message: "Online stat are being saving/updated" will be shown (or something similar) , generally when I see that it means the CS are "back" again.