GTA V "Bad Sport"

Dear Rockstar,
As I'm sure you have people read and monitor this website for input and ideas for future installments, I feel it would be important to express one of mine. On this "Bad Sport" subject I understand the idea of enticing people to work together in this city of Los Santos by suspending them to an underworld of other "Bad Sports" for days if they kill or destroy personal vehicles of other players. I would lighten the punishment time to maybe a few hours at most. Also private matches with friends should not be effected. Some way of redemption?
"All's fair in love and grand theft auto." Maybe no punishment at all? Crew up to protect whats yours. Get revenge on those who do. Make them your enemy. Have crew vs. crew sessions. Only take the lambo out on sunday. Let me know what yal think - Matt Mc


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I am completely confused at their logic! Are we supposed to hold hands and sing church songs with the 10 kids trying to blow our head off or run us over in free roam? If I fight back I am a "bad sport"!?!? What the hell is going on? You give us tanks and fighter jets but we all need to be peaceful with each other? Maybe you can replace the gun store with a pet store and we all can ride firkin unicorns around and hug. I thought this was grand theft auto. This system is great for missions, races, etc.... but free roam? That is about the most bass ackwards thing I have seen yet in any game I have ever played. What were they thinking?


"enticing people to work together" in a crime-driven environment? LOL

the system is flawed, end of. We don't need good/bad sports in free roam. Maybe in missions when ppl quit early or commit to the full mission, but it has no place in free roam. Kids need to GROW up and quit acting like defenseless babies. Open World PvP is the one thing GTA has going for itself and these vermin casuals are ruining that, yet again.


I couldn't agree more! What is the best way to get back at a stranger/friend when they decide to kill you? By putting a sticky bomb on their car and killing them with a smile. If we get punished for doing that, why not punish people for killing other players?


This ''bad sport'' crap is ridiculous! Every time some dude cruises up behind me and starts unloading into my tailgate I get a pop up saying I'm a bad sport when I instinctively toss a sticky on his windshield.


So let me get this straight Rockstar (R*). You unleash a super awesome game, make a billion plus off it with us the consumers/gamers. You are poised to make another cool 41 million plus on micro transactions alone. Instead of giving us a finished product you give us online gameplay that plays out like a below par beta. You say sorry by giving us a wimpy "stimulus" package with absurd caveats (championing yourselves as white knights) and now you punish us for playing the game the way the game is meant to be played? Come on, we sat through all of your garbage and remained steadfast. We got over it only to be punished by pretty much saying we can't play the game or we are a bad sport (look but don't touch)? This system is the most retarded system I have seen in my 30 years of gaming.

1) Abolish completely the bad sport system.
2) Abolish the kick feature (it is abused beyond heavily).*

**If a player doesn't like another player, they can block them or find a new GTA session.

3) Allow the game to be played the way it should be played. Stop nerfing what we can and can't do. If it is so incredibly important to you that you make this ADULT game accessible to all audiences (yes it is an adult game remember? Kids are not supposed to be the primary demographic per your word) , then give those people a nerfed lobby they can freely join on their own accord and leave the rest of the free mode to players who want to enjoy the game the way it SHOULD be enjoyed.

I've got my big boy pants on, I can deal with griefers. It is simple in fact, I just join a new GTA session if it becomes unmanageable, which 9 out of 10 times it is completely manageable. What in the hell are your think tanks doing over there? Who signed off on this so-called great idea? Fix this or you won't have access to my wallet anymore. You can shrug and simply say that is one person not buying in, but I assure you, where there is one, there will be many more. The only way I know to hurt you is with my wallet and vocalizing openly via the right channels. Right now, you are nothing but a polished turd aka thieves in suits. Shame on you Rockstar. MAKE IT RIGHT!


I guess they're trying to bring ethics into a game named after a felony charge? They're all probably democrats...


dude i just unlocked c4 and me and friends (crew members) where blowing each other up and stuff i won the whole fucking thing as i blew them up the most and i get a fking KKK hat and a dumb ass bad sport session full of guys who are depressed cuz they cant play the game with friends omfg and all that after i just got my first acount deleted Vacca and 40k crib all gone, hey Rock*, FUCK YOU FIX THIS SHIT U FAGGOTS GOT PAYED MORE MONEY THEN I CAN FIX IN YEARS WITH THAT LAME ASS SELLURBIKEOVERANDOVERAGAIN GLITCH, now make a fucking bugless game i want a fking patch right now !! BITCH!


I personally like the idea of the bad sport. I just fucking hate the fact that i got stuck in there for destroying someone's car defending myself. I already have to pay for them to get it back but I'm far from one of those trolls that just does it for fun. I play the game to just play with friends. 90% of the time im in a private game with my crew and friends but every once and a while after a mission i get stuck in a random game, thus how this happened. I don't mind the dunce cap as much as i can't play withy friends at all for days?! And then i got another day added and i did absolutely nothing. I've been minding my own business, doing missions and jobs alone and i got another entire day added to it?? I don't understand. If there where just an easier way to get out of "bad sport". Every commend only knocks it by 15mins i guess? And I've been told challenges help but I've gotten a few now and nothing has changed. An easier way to prove im not a douche bag like the rest who belong on these servers would be great! I work a full time job. I just want to play with friends online!!!!


Bad sport needs to go. it's taking the fun out of the game. If a player is trying to blow my car up and I reciprocate by throwing a grenade and blowing his up - IM PUNISHED???? are you serious rockstar? this is pathetic. this is what makes the game fun. free roam should be about whatever goes. Im sorry Rockstar but if you can't fix the nauseating flaw, then you will lose life long players like me and MANY, MANY others.

Please remove this. It's hurting a masterpiece of a game.


This system is totally utterly retarded. So when I see several people bunched up together in vehicles, I am supposed to get out and pop them one by one, in stead of delivering an awesome sticky bomb, blowing them all up? It's not like the insurance cost is that much at all really, it would NOT be gamebreaking if we were "allowed" to blow up others' cars. They'd have to crew up and protect each other's stuff, like my crew is doing.....


I was helping a friend with his glitched bicycle. He couldn't get on it and I was blowing it up for him. After that I was declared a "bad sport". I am a fair player who does not kill without reason. This is ridiculous. Change this junk immediately.




Yeah this bad sport idea has to be the most flawed system I've seen. One of my favorite guilty pleasures of GTA IV was jumping into someones car or chopper and letting a grenade loose suicide bomber style. If I can't go kamakazie on someone then whats the point? If people wanted to play a game where all they do is hug it out to solve their differences then maybe they shouldn't be playing a game where the entire premise is based on doing felonies.


Thanks a lot rockstar, so I'm aloud to purchase a rhino tank on free roam, but you expect us not to use it, but when I do, I get classes as a bad sport with a ridiculous hat and not being able to join my friends for 2days? And then without me pressing anything just chilling in my apartment I get a pop up saying I have 2 days 14 hours left? Even longer. This is a game of violence. Purchase guns and helicopters with guns? What do you want us to do? Look at them. Make a game for them kids without violence next time or add a no friendly fire like gta 4.


At first I completely hated Bad Sport, but having been there serveral times, I believe that were it not for Bad Sport, the main game would quickly devolve into the sort of nonsense that happens in the BS lobbies. However I do have a number of suggestions to fix Bad Sport:

  1. Drastically reduce the duration of the 'sentence', eight days on the third time is unacceptable. Sentence should be reduced to 24 hours, absolute maximum.
  2. Increase the number of vehicle destroys needed to be placed in BS
  3. Players with bounties can already be killed via vehicle destruction with impunity, but this leaves them with little defense; allow said players to also destroy the vehicles of their attackers with impunity, or at any rate allow them to destroy many more vehicles before being placed in Bad Sport.
  4. Players with bounties often hide behind their vehicles; since they are not inside their vehicles, penalties are still incurred if said vehicles are destroyed. This should be changed.
  5. Players often ram their vehicles under tanks deliberately in order to place the operator of the tank in Bad Sport. Eliminate penalties for vehicle destruction by collision; it is easy enough to avoid getting run over by tanks if you truly want to.

dirte, Yeah, that is why they have death match. But why should I stop there? Perfectly content in "free roam" to do as I please. How else am I going to have fun? Pew Pew! Watch it! Spray and pray coming through!


I have to agree my only real issue is this bad sports buisness on minute I'm driving around and someone starts spraying the back of my car so I shoot back at his motorcycle with him on it and it blows ups and the time my internet has disconnected is considered bad sport this game sometime I wonder if Rockstar is just have a massive troll with everyone...


Agreed. GTA online is all about anarchy. By trying to soften online play for whatever reason they have only succeeded in creating a monster. Witness players savagely griefing others in innovative ways so that they can join their banished friends; hilarious.


fuck you rockstar i think me and a bunch of other people wont be buying anymore of your games punish everyone for dong crimes in a crime based world thats real smart....if your a bitch and cant handle getting fucked up online go to solo or invite only or better yet go play wait.......there isnt any games out that are based on love and peace...sorry then u shouldnt be playing games


fook you rockstar i think me and a bunch of other people wont be buying anymore of your games punish everyone for dong crimes in a crime based world thats real smart....if your a b!tch and cant handle getting foocked up online go to solo or invite only or better yet go play wait.......there isnt any games out that are based on love and peace...sorry then u shouldnt be playing games


I refuse to play gta:o in a group lobby. When I enter online I set the map to invite only and go about my business. Upon completing missions you will be dropped back into your own city without any d bags around stealing your cash before you can even pull up your phone to deposit your cash.

The online is seriously flawed with d bags running around everywhere. Bad sport or not.
GTA Online is a social experiment gone horribly wrong.


This needs to be fixed I mean let face it for us jets guns and missile style players ( a lot of us )
This will not help. Been looking forward to flying these online since the multiplayer trailer. Spent ages learning how to get them fly them and get very good with them ;). But I'm not being funny when I'm flying down the middle of LS city sideway guns blazing at 300mph I'm not going to check the number plate to see if it's a personal vehicle!!! Basicly means planes tanks and buzzards are of limits to any 1 with out punishment.


Lol im in bad sports mode for the 2nd time this week both times I destroyed a friend who is on my friendlists in a mission!!! Wtf badsport should be disabled in missions because its obvious were gonna accidentally destroy other peoples cars etc now I have 3days...smh oh bak to playing with assholes that are high ranked havent seen undee 30 yet a few 100s


i don't understand it. i was given 48hours for blowing up someones car, to stop him from killing me. then it was down to 1 day and 15 hours and i have been doing mission the entire time. once i joined a game someone killed me and when i re-spawned it popped up and said i had 2 days and 15 hours left???? I've done nothing!!!!! i'm a good player i have no interest in being a dick like half the player! i just want to play with my friends! how can i get out of this hell i don't belong in? :(


So. i'm cruising around, until some kid showsup and kill me in a drive-by i lose 2k on hospital bills. so i planning on revenge. take my grenade launcher incase he tries it again, and yup he did in defence i shoot at his car. it gets blown up and i get a nice fucking hat and a 2 day ban to the badsport world. nice system R* you guys better het rid of it. it blows and its unfair


This bad sports crap is so dumb! Make it be only if you leave mid game in races or missions, not if you blow people's cars up. That SO dumb, you cant even tell all the time if the car belongs to them or not.... Make it be punishable by making you pay like 10k or w.e...


Honestly this game is about being a criminal and that has consequences, one if which is I'm going to blow up your car, because it's funny as hell. I should not be punished for bringing justice to Los santos, I'm a vigilante, like batman only I can't be as cool because I have to wear a fucking dunce hat. I wouldn't be that bothered if it wasn't for the hat. I've made loads of money through bad sport missions. But seriously it is a stupid idea and people who play gta online to sit in a free roam doing nothing are playing the wrong game. Gta is known for being a crazy game with no limits or rules, yet I get punished for collecting bounties with a buzzard.


This is bollaxe man 48 hours not being able to okay with y friends, this game just gets shitter by the day