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when are you guys pushing ifruit fro android why would yo only have it for iphone, is there a exclusivity contract with iphone, i'm a programmer and it shouldn't have taken you guys over a month to release to to android. you release the game on September 17. is due time that the android community gets the ifruit, its unfair we can't experience the same game experience as the iphone community due to your guys lack of enthusiasm for android, which now days with the galaxy sales it rivals iphone. As well the game advantages they have in the game by having the ifruit app. you are denying my full GTAV game experience which from the very start it should had the ifruit for android

very disatisfied customer, and not even talking about the horrible online launch and glitches you guys have, specially after all the money you guys received from sales.


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Yeah, it sucks bigtime, but as you brought up, with the more damaging bugs and the mess online Rockstar has bigger fish to fry right now. I'm really disappointed because I was looking forward to interacting with Chop, so I'm glad people are pestering Rockstar about this, but just don't get your hopes up too much. I also suspect there might've been a deal cut with Apple. It'll come eventually, but probably not soon enough. I'm sure this is how PC gamers feel.


sorry but, why is GTA V in shops if its not finished, i prefer to wait one month instead of losing characters, bugs and even the easiest thing(ifruit app) is not finished comments Rockstar, no comments...


you guys ever heard of cross platform framework for apps????? meaning it lets you create and application for multiple platforms.


For all it's MINOR faults grand theft auto v is one of, if not, the greatest game of this generation and maybe all generations. The money you all paid is easily worth it for the hours of quality entertainment you get. Chill out and just enjoy.


Fuck all y'all emotional ass niggaz. R* is doing their best. They put out the game of the year and y'all know y'all gonna play it. Give them a break about a fucking lost character that you probably spent less than 3 days playing. They giving us a stimulus package aren't they!?


Hey guys im going around to as many posts as I can and informing people that the app is out. It came out today. I also included R* post regarding the app below the app link.

I'm just kind of shocked how much everyone is upset. On principle, I get it. It is frustrating when things of this magnitude of popularity aren't available for Android but as far as I know, the app lets you play with a virtual dog and customize your license plate. Even if there are other features, I dont find myself not being able to enjoy the game without it. I would have preferred them to spend this time making the app on features and bugs that actually effect gameplay. Not to mention, any sales money is going to take time to trickle down to the correct departments. I dont think R* imagined the game would be this popular. They are on a hiring frenzy and if you've ever worked for a real business, you know things take time.


No why would Rockstar fix it? I mean only 90% of gamers use Android, it would only be smart to bring the app to the majority of users.