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GTA5 Online (PS3) - Character Deleted + General Bugs!!

I've been attempting to play GTA 5 Online since launch and I must say it has not gone well at all. Despite not being able to stay logged in consistently and the error messages such as "timed out session" etc. Rock* decided to wipe my level 15 character which I've spent almost 10 hours on.

Rock* could you please respond to this or at least make an effort to restore my progress.


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F%$@ You Rockstar for insulting my intelligence! You think I would actually play online with this shit sandwich you have created, after "you " warned me that the cloud is down. And no progress would be saved. That's like you telling me to hold my breath and pray my third characteris still there next time I get on and play. I understand the gaming business must be tough. Lots to do, lots of money to steal, etc. why launch something that's not ready? Oh I know, to make money like any other big boy company as long as money comes in, screw the clients. Anyways I'm venting you're online tutorial should be a choice, I would enjoy it if I could get my character back, and I'd enjoy it more to shove this copy of the game up one of you're employees asses.


I have had my character saving for a couple days now, and probably put in about 35 hours of trying hard to rank up my character and fix him up to my liking and last night I was so happy how my character has turned out and I was at rank 19. Today I log on, ready to progress my character so more so I could try to unlock the AK at rank 24, but its all gone now... I don't what to do now, I had plans on this game being something I could enjoy for the next couple months, but i dont think i can bear with ranking my character up high again and wasting all that time for nothing to show. I guess I will wait a month and decide wether or not to sell this game since I already beat the campaign.


I have been waiting for over 3 days now and my character is still deleted. I purchased the collectors edition to get bonus stuff online and i end up getting nothing! Please fix this and return my character. Its not easy to come up with 150$ And spend it on a game. I hope u know that rockstar.


I have come to a conclusion to not play GTA5 Online until Rock* have fixed their shit. I'm not going to waste anymore time or effort.


DO NOT MAKE A NEW CHARACTER! Today when i went online to play gta on my lvl 27 character he was no were to be found and i was upset. But i reset my system n went back online and he was back.


Rockstar. You guys made 800 million$ the first day of the release, i know that this kind of game is clearly difficult to made but seriously guys with all that money go hired some dude and fix those shiet? You guys should shut down all the server and fix all the problem in one time, some people play some people can't play... For a serious company like yours that is not the way you want the customizer to see you.


For all of you complaining about lost Characters, it's going to happen when you rush at an online game that has KNOWN ISSUES on the release. You went into the gaming knowing full well that there were complications, and Rock* themselves even has a website dedicated to keeping you informed of the issues and updates that are coming to fix those said issues.

When servers get bummed rushed by millions of people at the same time, and CRASH, the results aren't always obvious, nor fixable in a short period of time. I myself have lost three characters at Rank 20. But I understood the risk the moment I read the issues and bugs that they were having.

Things could be far worse though, the online could completely not be working for you at all (much like the millions of people who can't log in), just be glad the online mod is operational and you can drive around and wreck stuff with your friends. Don't get huffy puffy because the game has known issues and you decided to ignore all warnings and go for it regardless.

My recommendation, complete the story mode (Completely), follow through with all the missions and freaks, and buy some time until all the issues are resolved. You survived a month before the Online was released, I'm sure you will make it now. And for those of you who are threatening to sell the game, please do. :) Rock* is much better off without you, and your lack of support during a period in which most game Developers flop. :P


People need to relax..i understand its frustrating when a well prepared character is deleted it happened to me but you gotta forgive them for trying to bring you a different online experience ..trial and error how else are they going to know what do the next time around.. they expressed their would be problems and this thing about taking are money on .. We flocked to the store like sheep and shelled out the funds for this product ..if u want to teach them a lesson stop playing, boycott or don't purchase their brand if not keep quiet and continue following marching for rockstar we know you got the money so get your shit together


The thing is, I don't understand Rock* priorities. They have released 2 patches since launch and only fixed minor bugs. The priority right now is to make sure people can connect and play online consistently and character deletion. Those 2 are what they need to spend their time on now...


My level 16 Character was just deleted too. I'm so pissed off. And strangely, it created a new character few me who's a man that looks like a woman with stupid sound blocking head phones on. I still had my car and my money in the bank, but my level is what is important and its gone. I do not have the energy to do all those missions again for like the 2nd or even 3rd time, as they once before deleted my level 7 character.


@winstonec came to the conclusion that they don't care about their customers after they got there money should be pushing out constant updates fixing this sorry thing you call a game


I just had my Lv 15 char Deleted i however its not this iam worried about it the fact that i have had 3 lv 12s and now lv15 all deleted every day i play the get off then next day shits gone WTF come one pp again and again fix the shit already or close online down till you do wth are you just using us as test subjects on your servers and laughing all the way to the bank with the billionsSSSSSSSS of dollors you have made off us Bs GTA5online=FAIL get better coders and programmers geohot ask him or that fb dude


Mines all deleted too just hit level 17 bought a apartment, 6 car garage for 150,000 and everything gone..... so disappointed with this so called "launch".


I made my fifth character 2 days ago that I got to lvl 20 and had close to $150k in the bank. Was going to get online to earn a little bit more and buy an apartment. But with my luck I get sent to the choose a character section with my character deleted. Now all that effort is gone plus the drive to start another character. I want all my time I put into online back.


Add my to the list level 17 and my third missing character this week. I'm hoping it will show in an hour or so......


I got mine deleted but it made me do the tutorial again but in the tutorial it said I had all my cash which my actual character had.


You thin you got it bad? I read about this guy losing his level 57 who had a 6 car garage, a 223k apartment & $500k.


My level 12 character was just deleted as well, I refuse to create another one. I believe we deserve some answers as to when we can expect this bullshit to be fixed.


same thing happened to me i was level 22 with a house and now everything has gone fuck you rockstar and thanks for wasting my time , I will stop playing GTA ONLINE forever now they have a crappy server since GTA IV anyway.


Rockstar Games, my characters name is Mithril,, and my PSN: xXBurakkunaitoXx, i had 120k money and was lvl18-19, please restore my character, 25-30+hrs put in, please respond


One thing I struggle to understand is, even a company as big as Rock* could fuck this up so bad. Just cut the servers and FIX IT completely then re-launch. That way it will stop pissing people off. Another thing important thing is to let players know the status of their character eg. what are the chances of retrieving a lost character.